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WEEK 10.2007

Turnover of E-Betoonelement grew 25%
AS E-Betoonelement’s turnover in 2006 was EEK 651 million; a year before the turnover was EEK 521 million. Company plans construction solutions of concrete elements and also manufactures the elements.

Malmerk’s turnover and profit grew
Malmerk AS’ turnover last year grew to EEK 312 million compared to EEK 273 million a year earlier. Profit of building materials’ manufacturer was EEK 29 million (EEK 25 million in 2005).

Paide MEK’s profit tripled
AS Paide MEK’s turnover in 2006 was EEK 182.8 million (EEK 134.5 million in 2005). Building company had EEK 28.7 million profit before income tax last year; in 2005 profit was EEK 8.5 million.

Tartu Maja’s turnover grew two times
Consolidated turnover of AS Tartu Maja Betoontooted was EEK 526 million in 2006; a year earlier turnover was EEK 249 million. Company’s income from economic activities in 2006 was EEK 78 million. Company sells iron concrete products and concrete.

Industrial production grew 7% in a year
Production of Estonian industrial companies in January 2007 reduced compared to December but increased compared to January last year. Estonian industrial companies had 7% more production in January than in January 2006; production in manufacturing trade grew 10%.

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