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WEEK 4.2007

Monday, 22nd of January, 2007

Baltiklaas raised turnover by EEK 16 million
Baltiklaas AS’ turnover in 2006 was EEK 190.2 million; in 2005, turnover was EEK 173.6 million. Income before income tax was EEK 12.7 million last year and EEK 25.1 million a year before that. Baltiklaas AS manufactures tempered glass, sells special glass and treats glass.

Baltifalt’s profit and turnover grew
Net turnover of realisation of AS Baltifalt in 2006 grew to EEK 272 million; in 2005 turnover was EEK 219.4 million. Profit from economic activities was EEK 13.58 million last year and in 2005 profit was EEK 6.45 million.

Eesti Pagar increased turnover
AS Eesti Pagar’s turnover in 2006 was EEK 226 million compared to EEK 187.5 million turnover in 2005. Company sold 15.2 million kg of pastry products last year.

Tuesday, 23rd of January, 2007

Autori AS grew turnover EEK 10 million
Autori AS’ turnover in 2006 was EEK 280 million compared to EEK 268.9 million a year before. Profit from economic activities was EEK 7.6 million last year and EEK 9.3 million in 2005. Company’s main activity is sale and maintenance of new and used Renault cars.

Wednesday, 24th of January, 2007

Viciunai Baltic’s turnover grew
Viciunai Baltic OÜ’s turnover in 2006 was EEK 182 million; company sells frozen and chilled food. Turnover grew EEK 17 million in a year.

Turnover of United Motors grew 36%
AS United Motors, representative of BMW and MINI in Estonia, sold 697 vehicles in 2006; 465 of then were new. Company’s turnover reached EEK 451.8 million, which is 36% more than year before. Last year’s profit was EEK 15 million.
Eesti Päevaleht, Ärileht

Sakret’s amount of sales quadrupled
Sakret’s amount of sales in 2006 was four times bigger than the year before. Company wants to conquer 25% market share on Estonian market of dry building mixtures.
Eesti Päevaleht, Ärileht

Thursday, 25th of January, 2007

Eesti Energia’s profit in nine months was EEK 2.037 billion
Eesti Energia earned net profit EEK 2.037 billion in first nine months of financial year that started in April 2006. Sale of electricity grew 7.8%.

Maxima Eesti’s turnover grew 56%
Compared to year 2005, retail trade chain Maxima Eesti’s turnover grew nearly 56% last year, to EEK 1.91 billion. Maxima Eesti OÜ CEO Arunas Zimnickas says that factors, which helped to grow turnover were new stores, more new customers and cheap prices.

Friday, 26th of January, 2007

Maag’s turnover grew 25% last year
Unaudited turnover of Maag Lihatööstus meat industry was nearly EEK 201 million in 2006, which is 25% growth compared to the turnover in 2005. Maag Lihatööstus has occupied the second place after Rakvere Lihatööstus on Estonian sector of meat products based on the results of first three quarters.

Fishing industry earned EEK 6 million profit
AS Paljassaare Kalatööstus’ turnover last year was EEK 262.8 million and commercial profit EEK 5.9 million.

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