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Estonia Business News: Archive 2003-

WEEK 49.2006

Tuesday, 4th of November, 2006

Construction boom to bury millions into factories
The manufacturers of construction materials will build many new factories for hundreds of millions of kroons in order to increase manufacturing capacity, hoping to sell at least 25 percent more than last year. In addition to sale of construction materials also the volumes of constructions will increase. Growth of Estonian construction market will continue for at least three years more, believes Aivar Valge, manager of Baltic’s biggest dry mixture factory OÜ Sakret.

Wednesday, 6th of December, 2006

Domina hotel has record occupancy
Occupancy of Domina Inn City hotel was 72% in November; occupancy of Domina Inn Ilmarine was 41%. According to Teele Rohtla, operative manager of Domina Ilmarine, 72% occupancy of Domina Inn City was the best results of November in past six years. Finnish tourists formed 39% of clientele of Domina Inn City hotel.

Toyota was the only one to sell over 200 cars
Toyota was the only Estonian car vendor to have sold over 200 new cars in November. The sale of Toyota’s new cars grew 19 percent to 293 cars.

Friday, 7th of December, 2006

Major growth of turnover expected in Estonia
The recent survey by Eurochambers showed that Estonian companies are expecting the biggest growth in turnover among the companies in Europe. The survey interviewed 78,000 enterprises in 27 European countries.

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