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WEEK 43.2006

Monday, 23rd of October

Skype has grown 12% in quarter
Skype’s turnover has grown 12% in last quarter, to EEK 600 million instead of EEK 528 million in previous quarter. “Skype is very satisfied with the growth,” the head of company’s operations Sten Tamkivi said. Skype’s sales turnover has doubled since eBay bought it nine months ago, from EEK 300 million to EEK 600 million.

Eesti Energia’s turnover grew 8%
Eesti Energia’s turnover in first six months of 2006/2007 financial year was EEK 3.2 billion, which is 8% more than during respective period last year. Concern’s net profit of six months was EEK 1.272 billion. Domestic electricity sale grew 9% compared to the last financial year.

Wednesday, 25th of October, 2006

Elisa’s nine months’ turnover grew to EEK 1.2 billion
Elisa’s mobile connection turnover in 3Q 2006 grew 17% compared to respective period last year, to EEK 436 million and business profit grew 31% to EEK 107 million. Company’s nine months’ turnover was EEK 1.2 billion.
Eesti Päevaleht, Ärileht

Beer market grew 4.8%
Full volume of Estonian beer market in nine months of 2006 was about 100.6 million litres, which is 3.8% more than during the same period in 2005. Saku Brewery is still the market leader, increasing the amount of sales by 7.6% compared to last year. A. Le Coq Tartu Õlletehas sold 5.8% more beer on domestic market; AS Puls Brewery has also done well – company has increased the sales value of beer by six times.
Eesti Päevaleht, Ärileht

Printall’s turnover and profit increased
AS Printall’s nine months turnover of 2006 reached EEK 249.4 million; last year, turnover of the same period was EEK 198.7 million. Company earned EEK 31 million income before income tax; in 2005, profit was EEK 17.4 million. AS Printall’s business is printing industry.

Mivar’s turnover by EEK 35 million bigger
Textile manufacturer AS Mivar’s turnover of nine months in 2006 grew to EEK 114.1 million; last year’s turnover was EEK 80.5 million. Company earned EEK 6 million income before income tax.

Fortum Tartu shows growth
AS Fortum Tartu’s consolidated turnover of nine months of 2006 was EEK 105.4 million; turnover during respective period in 2005 was EEK 95.4 million. Company earned EEK 11 million income before income tax.

Turnover of AS Ingman Jäätised grew 1/3
Nine months turnover of ice cream manufacturer AS Ingman Jäätised was EEK 42.7 million and profit was EEK 2.45 million. Compared to the same period last year, company’s turnover grew 36%. Ingman estimates its market share in Estonia 16% and predicts growth in market share.

Thursday, 26th of October

Schenker’s profit doubled
Nine months turnover of logistics company AS Schenker grew to EEK 439.9 million this year compared to EEK 389.3 million last year. Company earned EEK 33.4 million income before income tax in nine months (EEK 22.8 million in 2005).

Tarkon’s turnover and profit grew
Nine months turnover of fine mechanics’ company AS Tarkon reached EEK 405.5 million; last year, turnover of three quarters was EEK 277.6 million. Company earned EEK 20.1 million income before income tax in nine months; in 2005, profit was EEK 13.8 million.

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