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WEEK 41.2006

Wednesday, 11th of October, 2006

Profit of Credit Bank grew 30%
AS Eesti Krediidipank earned EEK 48.129 million profit in nine months 2006, which is 29% growth when compared to respective period last year.

Thursday, 12th of October, 2006

National budget in plus with EEK 5.7 billion
In the end of September, national budget’s income exceeded expenses with EEK 5.7 billion, informs Ministry of Finance. In nine months EEK 49.4 billion has come in to national budget, which is 80.4% of the income planned for this year.

Friday, 13th of October, 2006

Estonia’s position is the firmest
In Estonia, economy is growing quicker this year than in any other Middle or East European country and though Latvia will pass us after a couple of years, it may result in a crash for neighbouring country that is fighting with budget deficit, shows SEB Group’s economical prognosis. Sander Klaos, analyst of Nordea Bank says that among the Baltic States at the moment, Estonia is in the best position. SEB Eesti Ühispank’s analyst Hardo Pajula says that quick economic growth itself is nothing dangerous but it becomes risky when people start making big decision on the assumption that the same growth continues for coming years.

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