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WEEK 35.2006

Monday, 28th of August, 2006

Newspapers enjoy quick growth due to sale of advertisements
All big daily newspapers have increased turnover within past six months and are making new investments. According to media analyst Toomas Leito, advertising volume during this year’s seven months increased by 6% when compared to respective period in 2005; advertising turnover grew by 17%. Advertising volume of Estonian newspapers is currently EEK 194 million in a year. All bigger daily newspapers consider those results splendid.

Wednesday, 30th of August, 2006

Net profit of Tallinn Cold Store grew by EEK 18.8 million
Turnover of Tallinn Cold Store group with Kauno Pieno Centras located in Lithuania was EEK 292.1 million during the first seven months in 2006, growing by EEK 26.9 million compared to respective period in 2005. Group’s net profit during the same period was EEK 15.1 million, which has grown by EEK 18.8 million.
Eesti Päevaleht, Ärileht

Record of past eight years on building sector
Construction companies built 34% more in Estonia and foreign countries in 2Q compared to 2Q in 2005, informs statistics department. Last time there was such good growth on building sector was in 1Q and 2Q of 1998, where construction volumes grew respectively 37% and 39%.
Eesti Päevaleht

Thursday, 31st of August, 2006

Quarter profit of Saku Brewery grew more than 43%
Saku Brewery’s 2Q net profit before taxes grew from EEK 32.6 million to 46.8 million. Brewery’s quarter turnover grew by 15.5% and reached EEK 224.9 million. Estonian drink market grew in each segment; growth was the biggest on long drinks’ market.

Friday, 1st of September, 2006

Industrial production still growing
Production of Estonian industrial enterprises grew in July 2006 when compared to June as well as to July 2005, informs statistics department. Industrial production has been growing since 2000. Compared to July 2005, production of industrial enterprises grew by 8%.

Specialists: growth of 2Q remains around 10%
Economy specialists predict that Estonia’s 2Q economic growth is over 10%. President of the Bank of Estonia Andres Lipstok thinks that growth will be around 11%; he added that growth of domestic consumption is connected to unusual real estate boom.

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