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WEEK 32.2006

Monday, 7th of August, 2006

Domina City Hotel occupancy reached 85.5%
The average occupancy of Domina Inn City Hotel that belongs to Domina Hotel Group, reached 85.5% in June and July and the occupancy of Domina Inn Ilmarise was 75%.
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Klementi’s 2Q profit reached EEK 2.6 million
Garment manufacturer Klementi’s 2Q profit reached EEK 2.56 million by the turnover of EEK 30.1 million. A year ago, the company earned only EEK 1000 of profit in three months.
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Tuesday, 8th of August, 2006

Rakvere meat industry’s turnover up 12.6%
The first half-year turnover of AS Rakvere Lihakombinaat reached EEK 802.9 million and net profit was EEK 81.3 million. In a year, the meat industry’s turnover grew 12.6 percent.
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Wednesday, 9th of August, 2006

Sokos Hotel Viru half-year turnover EEK 131 million
In first six months of the year Sokos Hotel Viru’s sales turnover reached EEK 131 million, having grown 2% compared to respective period last year. Occupancy of the hotel was 61,5% and in total, 57,466 rooms was sold.
Eesti Päevaleht

Export of Liviko up 30 percent in July
Alcohol producer Liviko sold almost a quarter of million litres of alcoholic beverages to foreign markets. Compared to respective period last year, Liviko’s export grew 30 percent.

Eesti Ehitus profit up three times
The profit of Estonian construction company Eesti Ehitus went up almost three times to EEK 36.1 million in the 2Q. Turnover of the period was EEK 583.9 million. Compared to same period last year, the company’s turnover grew 58 percent.

Friday, 11th of August, 2006

Unemployment down to 1.6 percent
On August 1 there were 13,463 registered unemployed. This forms 1.6 percent of the entire Estonian population.

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