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WEEK 31.2006

Monday, 31st of July, 2006

Estonia is one of least corrupted new EU member states
Estonia is one of the least and Lithuania one of the most corrupted countries amongst the EU new member states, appears from the results of an extensive survey, conducted by the World Bank for the period 2002-2005. According to the survey less than a quarter of firms think the corruption is a problem in Estonia. With this figure Estonia remains behind Slovenia, where corruption is considered a problem by eighth of firms, but outraces Latvia and Lithuania, where a quarter and one third of firms consider the issue problematic. Lithuania is at the same one of the most corrupted amongst the EU new MS, only Poland and candidate countries Bulgaria and Romania stay ahead in that matter.
Eesti Päevaleht

Tuesday, 1st of August, 2006

Production of industrial enterprises increased in a year
The production of Estonian industrial enterprises increased 6% in June this year compared to June last year.
Eesti Päevaleht

Friday, 4th of August, 2006

EU lowest unemployment rate in Estonia
In Estonia the level of unemployment is one of the lowest in the EU – 4.9 percent. The unemployment rate is even lower in Holland, Denmark, Ireland and Luxembourg. In Estonia, unemployment has decreased the fastest – from 8 to 4.9 percent in past 5 years.

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