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WEEK 28.2006

Wednesday, 12th of July, 2006

GNT Eesti turnover was EEK 402 million
Wholesaler of computers and home electronics GNT Eesti’s sale grew 33% in first six months of 2006 compared to the same period in 2005. According to company’s executive manager Anti Kuiv, their sale has grown with economic growth. Company predicts total turnover of the year to be ca EEK 900 million.

Turnover of Valga Lihatööstus grew by nearly 28%
First six months’ turnover of AS Valga Lihatööstus was EEK 186.4 million, turnover grew by EEK 41 million (28%) in a year. Elmut Paavel, company’s board manager says that growth is due to production innovations as well as due to active sales work. Valga Lihatööstus markets its products under Maks & Moorits trademark. Company with subsidiary companies belong to Atria Oy and it has 360 employees.

Turnover of extended Selver increased
Selver’s first six months’ turnover grew 67% when compared to last year; increase in Rimi’s turnover was more than ten times smaller – 6.5%. Selver’s net turnover grew to EEK 1.26 billion; Rimi’s net turnover grew to EEK 2.6 billion. Rimi’s executive manager Ruth Laatre said that Selver has opened several new stores while Rimi has been developing existing ones. Selver has 21 stores in Estonia.

Friday, 14th of July, 2006

Liviko sold 5 million litres of drinks
Alcohol producer Liviko sold more than 5 million litres of strong alcohol in six months; sale of strong alcohol grew 11.3% compared to respective period a year ago. In June Liviko sold 944,194 litres of strong alcohol.

Rakvere Lihakombinaat made sales record
Rakvere Lihakombinaat sold 523 tons of summer products in June, which is by 160 tons (41%) more than in June 2005. Company’s board president Olle Horm says that June was a successful month for packinghouse, which made its best sales result in the history.

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