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WEEK 21.2006

Wednesday, 24th of May, 2006

Fenestra increased turnover by EEK 7 million
AS Fenestra’s turnover of first three months 2006 was EEK 38.2 million compared to EEK 31.5 million from respective period last year. First quarter ended with EEK 0.88 million loss. AS Fenestra operates with production and sale of windows and doors.

Thursday, 25th of May, 2006

Nybit’s turnover increased by more than third
AS Nybit’s last year’s turnover grew to EEK 236.5 million (EEK 172.8 million in 2004). Company earned EEK 9.9 million income before income tax in 2005; a year before income was EEK 7.4 million. AS Nybit sells bitumen and special oils.

Puukeskus grew turnover and profit
AS Puukeskus earned EEK 40 million turnover in first three months 2006 compared to EEK 29 million from the same period last year. Company earned EEK 0.8 million income before income tax in first quarter. Yearly turnover of AS Puukeskus was EEK 142 million last year and income before income tax was EEK 3.1 million. AS Puukeskus sells timber and building materials.

MAP Eesti’s turnover grew by one quarter
AS MAP Eesti’s last year’s turnover grew to EEK 264.8 million (EEK 211.1 million in 2004). Company earned EEK 18.9 million income before income tax. AS MAP Estonia sells paper and paper products.

Sale of building materials grows
Manufacturers of building materials have managed to sell two times more production in 1Q than a year before and profits are growing. Manufacturers sold for EEK 1.45 billion in 1Q, export has grown to EEK 41.7 million.

Friday, 26th of May, 2006

Turnover of Harju KEK grew more than quarter
AS Harju KEK’s 1Q turnover reached EEK 129.8 million compared to EEK 105.2 million from 1Q 2005. Company earned EEK 11.2 million income before income tax in first quarter. Harju KEK’s turnover of 2005 increased to EEK 534.6 million. Harju KEK’s business is investments and administration of real estate.

Vara Saeveski increased turnover by EEK 14 million
OÜ Vara Saeveski’s 1Q turnover reached EEK 45.9 million (EEK 31.6 million during respective period 2005). Company earned EEK 2.8 million income before income tax in 1Q.

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