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WEEK 20.2006

Monday, 15th of May, 2006

Turnover of Kristiine trade centre grow more than 30% in April
Kristiine Centre’s turnover in April was EEK 110.9 million, which is 30.6% more than in April 2005. Centre had about 21,800 visitors a day in April, which is 23.7% more than during the same period last year. Centre’s turnover in first four months of 2006 is EEK 402.6 million.

Tuesday, 16th of May, 2006

Sale of Silbet’s building blocks grew 62.7%
AS Silbet sold 62.7% more building blocks in 1Q than in 1Q 2005, informs company. Export of building blocks grew 92%, blocks were mostly exported to Latvian market.

Ülemiste and Viru are successful
Viru Centre was opened in April 2005 and it quickly became very popular trade centre. Ülemiste trade centre was opened about the same time. Today both centres attract millions of visitors. Head of Viru Centre Ants Vasar is glad that turnover as well as attendance and number of purchases have grown. Leaders of Ülemiste and Viru Centres respect each other’s achievements, though they do not know each other that well.

Friday, 19th of May, 2006

United Motors grew turnover by EEK 8 million
Three months’ turnover of AS United Motors reached EEK 81.1 million, last year turnover of the same period was EEK 73.1 million. Company’s income before income tax was EEK 2.8 million in 1Q; profit of 1Q 2005 was EEK 1.7 million. United Motors represents vehicles of BMW and Mini in Estonia.

Silberauto’s turnover grew EEK 200 million
AS Silberauto’s turnover of first three months in 2006 reached EEK 741.2 million; turnover was EEK 531 million last year. Company earned EEK 27 million income before income tax in 1Q (EEK 19.4 million in 1Q 2005).

Turnover and profit of Veho Eesti grew
AS Veho Eesti’s turnover of first three months reached EEK 240.1 million compared to EEK 150.7 million last year. Company earned EEK 8.8 million income before income tax in 1Q (EEK 4 million in 1Q 2005).

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