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WEEK 19.2006

Tuesday, 9th of May, 2006

Lokman grew turnover by EEK 4 million
Supplier of window and door appliances AS Lokman achieved a turnover of EEK 27.9 million in first three months of 2006 compared to EEK 23.9 million last year. Income before income taxes reached EEK 1.6 million.

Wednesday, 10th of May, 2006

Turnover of Ülemiste Centre up 51 percent
In April, turnover of Ülemiste Centre amounted EEK 110 million, which is 51% more than in April last year. The size of average purchase has grown to EEK 250.

Economy to grow in record speed
A year ago, the economy of Estonia sped up due to takeover of Hansapank shares. While before that the economy of Estonia grew 5-6% for the past few years then as of last year’s 2Q the economy could be measured with two-digit numbers. High price level of fuel and growth of credit interests have not affected the economic growth of Estonia. Also the long-waited collapse of real estate has not yet arrived. On the contrary, economic growth did not slow down in 1Q. All the signs indicate that in the beginning of June the board of statistics will report of record economic growth – 12-13%.

Thursday, 11th of May, 2006

Hansabank Markets to praise Baltic countries
According to the economic review of Hansabank Markets the economies of all three Baltic countries are today enjoying the best times – in 2005 the economic growth strongly exceeded the expectations and the same positive mood has continued in first half of the current year.

Eesti Post grew profit to EEK 39.2 million
In 2005, AS Eesti Post earned a net profit of EEK 39.2 million, whereby the sum of dividends paid to the state budget of 2006 is EEK 8 million.

Turnover of Valga Meat Industry up by EEK 10 million
AS Valga Lihatööstus grew turnover of first three months to EEK 84 million, whereby the turnover of first three months of 2005 reached EEK 63.2 million.
AS Valga Lihatööstus produces and sells meat products.

Friday, 12th of May, 2006

Estonia ranked 20th by competitiveness
In the survey by Lausanne’s international business school IMD, Estonia ranked on 20th by competitiveness, having climbed six places compared to last year. Estonia outraces countries like Great Britain, Germany, Czech Republic, France, Spain and Italy.

Tarkon grew turnover to EEK 117 million
The turnover of AS Tarkon in first three months reached EEK 117.2 million compared to EEK 92.2 million last year. The company earned a profit of EEK 7 million. AS Tarkon’s main fields of activity are fine mechanics and installation works.

4-month sale of A. le Coq up 14%
The sale of A. Le Coq brewery in first four months of the year went up 14%, whereby most of the sale came from other beverages; sale of beer grew only 7%.
A Le Coq. Brewery has most grown the sale of juice, sports drinks and water. The brewery exported 5.4 million litres of beverages. The main export markets of the company are Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, Germany, Norway and Denmark.

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