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WEEK 15.2006

Tuesday, 11th of April, 2006

Selver’s turnover grew 76%
Gross turnover of A-Selver AS in 1Q grew to EEK 713.1 million, which is 76% more than in 1Q 2005. Manager of A-Selver AS Ain Taube said that 76% growth is a record for company and the main reason for this growth is chain’s active expansion in South-Estonia. In three months, customers made 5.1 million purchases in Selver, which is 64% more than in same period last year. Last year, Selver opened nine new stores.

External trade turnover increased by fourth
Estonia’s external trade turnover increased 25% in 2005 when compared to 2004; export increased 30% and import 22%. External trade turnover in 2006 was EEK 224.4 billion. In 2005, Estonia imported goods from 117 states and exported goods to 159 states.

Wednesday, 12th of April, 2006

“Shopping Race” increased Kaubamaja’s profit 1.5 times
Five-days’ “Shopping Race” brought nearly 380,000 customers to Tallinna and Tartu Kaubamaja stores and also increased profit 1.5 times. Tallinna Kaubamaja had twice as much customers during the campaign as it usually does; Tartu Kaubamaja’s number of customers grew by one third.

Rimi Eesti’s turnover grew more than 6% in 1Q
Rimi Eesti’s turnover in 1Q 2006 was EEK 1.2 billion, which is only 6.2% more than in 1Q 2005. Rimi Eesti group owns Säästumarkets and Rimi’s super- and hypermarkets. According to Rimi Eesti Food executive maanger Ruth Laatre, the reason for small turnover was closing Haabresti hypermarket because of renovation works. Säästumarket’s also had smaller growth of turnover, mainly due to severe competition with T-Markets. Laatre says that turnover of super- and hypermarkets has increased in similar speed with market, which is about 15-18% in South-Estonia and 10% in Tallinn. Turnover of Rimi Baltic Group was EEK 3.3 billion in 1Q, which is 16.5% more than in 1Q 2005.

Future of Estonia’s economy seems rosy
A survey conducted by Estonian Institute of Economic Research characterises Estonia’s economical situation in 1Q and predicts the continuation of economical success. Experts of economy think that Estonia’s economical situation is in its best state in last eleven years; also, feel of certainty amongst customers and companies has been growing steadily. Golden times will continue for trade because customers’ purchase power and trust rate are growing, says Institute’s director Marje Josing.

Thursday, 13th of April, 2006

Kanpol’s profit grew nearly two times
AS Kanpol’s last year’s turnover was EEK 134.8 million, in 2004 turnover was EEK 149.9 million. Company’s income before income tax was EEK 7.7 million in 2005 compared to EEK 4 million a year before. AS Kanpol operates with wholesale of groceries, drinks and tobacco products.

Turnover of Eston Ehitus made great jump
Turnover of AS Eston Ehitus, which operates with construction and real estate development, increased to EEK 207.6 million last year; in 2004, turnover was EEK 118 million. Company’s income before income tax was EEK 24.1 million in 2005 compared to EEK 9.9 million in 2004.

Turnover of Mark Oil increased by EEK 200 million
Last year’s turnover of OÜ Mark Oil increased to EEK 1.264 billion; in 2004, turnover was EEK 1.040 billion. Company’s income before income tax was EEK 6.4 million last year compared to EEK 10.5 million a year before. OÜ Mark Oil’s business is wholesale of fuel.

Profit of Viljandi Tarbijate Ühistu doubled
According to unaudited data, turnover of Viljandi Tarbijate Ühistu increased to EEK 219.2 million last year compared to EEK 182.5 million a year before. Company income before income tax was EEK 5.6 million; a year before income was EEK 3.8 million.

Turnover and profit of Kodumajatehase AS grew
Turnover of Kodumajatehase AS in 2005 grew to EEK 376.8 million; in 2004, turnover was EEK 319.5 million. Company’s income before income tax was EEK 64.9 million last year compared to EEK 60.5 million a year before.

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