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WEEK 11.2006

Monday, 13th of March, 2006

Moody’s raised rating of Estonian Energy
International rating agency Moody’s changed on Friday the current stable credit rating of Estonian Energy to positive. Moody’s rating to Estonian Energy is on level A1.

Profit of Veho Eesti doubled
Last year’s turnover of AS Veho Eesti reached EEK 650.1 million whereby the turnover in 2004 was EEK 598.9 million. Profit in 2005 was EEK 19.4 million compared to EEK 10.8 million in 2004.

Tuesday, 14th of March, 2006

Liviko sale up 22%
Alcohol manufacturer Liviko sold 769,784 litres of hard liquor in February, which was an increase of 22% compared to same time last year.

Wednesday, 15th of March, 2006

43,533 people stayed overnight in Domina’s hotels
43,533 people stayed overnight in Domina’s hotels Ilmarine and City in Tallinn last year, which is by 3097 people more than in 2004. In all, people from 60 countries stayed overnight in Domina’s hotels in Tallinn last year.

Thursday, 16th of March, 2006

Entrepreneurs to invest impetuously
Estonian companies are optimistic about the future of Estonia – according to statistics that were published yesterday investments grew last year by fifth, which is more than in past years.
“For years EMT has invested into technology to continuously offer quality service and to be the innovation leader in Estonia. In average EMT invests EEK 1 million on every working day,” EMT chairman Valdo Kalm claimed. The most important investment of EMT in 2005 was the launching of 3G network. Investments into 3G will continue in 2006.

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