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WEEK 10.2006

Monday, 6th of March, 2006

General growth increased sales of Kaupmees & Ko
Last year’s consolidated turnover of AS Kaupmees & Ko reached EEK 932.5 million. Company’s financial director believes the reasons to be hard work and general economic growth in Estonia. In 2004 the company’s turnover was EEK 835.9 million. The wholesale company Kaupmees & Co is concentrating on serving hotels, restaurants, catering and middle size retail stores with food and basic commodities. For the year 2006 the company prognosticates the sales to grow 5-6%.

Tuesday, 7th of March, 2006

Media channels sold ads for over EEK 1 billion last year
The last year’s turnover of the market of media advertising surpassed the limit of EEK 1 billion reaching to EEK 1.145 billion. Growth compared to previous year was 15%. The biggest advertiser was Procter & Gamble followed by EMT and Hansapank.

Economy to speed up
Economy that grew 10.5% in the last quarter will not slow down for the time being unless any greater catastrophes would take place in the world, believe the analysts.
The growth of Estonian economy will probably remain near 8% in coming years.

Friday, 10th of March, 2006

Turnover of Rimi Baltic up by fifth in February
The turnover of Rimi Baltic Group in February 2006 reached EUR 67.3 million and the total turnover of January-February was EUR 137.6 million. Compared to same period last year the growth was 18.6%.

Wõro grew sales to EEK 176.7 million
According to unaudited data Wõro meat Industry earned a profit of EEK 3 million by the sales of EEK 176.7 million. The sales turnover of meat products grew 6.5% compared to a year earlier.

Profit of AS Toode up by fourth
Profit of one of the biggest manufacturers and installers of steel roofs in Estonia AS Toode reached EEK 16.9 million by the turnover of EEK 194.7 million. The corresponding numbers a year earlier were EEK 12.8 million and EEK 139.6 million.

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