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WEEK 6.2006

Monday, 6th of February, 2006

Producers of construction materials to sell abroad
Due to good situation of Estonian construction market and increased export Estonian producers of construction materials surpassed considerably the predicted 10% growth of turnover. According to recent data the growth reached 30%; growth of export was a little over 20%. The biggest turnover was in cement company AS Kunda Nordic Tsement – EEK 657 million, compared to EEK 556 million in 2004.

Wednesday, 8th of January, 2006

Turnover and profit of OÜ Puidukoda increased
Last year’s turnover of OÜ Puidukoda, the manufacturer of supporting structure and profile material for constructions, reached EEK 151.4 million whereby the turnover in 2004 reached EEK 114.7 million. Profit before income taxes was EEK 1.6 million compared to last year’s EEK1.1 million.

Toom Tekstiil grew turnover and profit
Last year’s turnover of AS Toom Tekstiil increased up to EEK 350 million compared to EEK 311.8 million in 2004. profit of 2005 was EEK 23 million compared to EEK 11.1 million in 2004.

Thursday, 9th of January, 2006

Ühispank’s profit a little less than billion
Profit of SEB Eesti Ühispank grew due to good loan quality and high rise of life insurance by 25 percent reaching up to EEK 924 million. Lembit Kitter, head of commercial banking in SEB Eesti Ühispank admitted that the biggest surprise for the bank was the sudden increase of long-waited development at the savings market.

Estonian Telecom surpassed prognosis
With the 4Q results that were published yesterday, Estonian Telecom surpassed the expectations of analysts. In the last quarter of the year the telecom company demonstrated the biggest growth of turnover in a year and a half – 7.4%. Growth of turnover was supported by IT company MicroLink that was joined to Elion. Telecom is consolidating the revenues of MicroLink as of November. Fast growth of internet revenues supported the increase of fixed connection. The overall profit of 2005 amounted EEK 1.093 billion (EEK 7.92 per share), having been bigger by tenth compared to last year. Although the 4Q profit was 5% less than last year it is not worrying as the 4Q profit in 2004 was influenced by a financial income in value of EEK 43 million from sale of Eltel Group. Most analysts believe that the dividend would remain the same – EEK 8 per share.

Friday, 10th of February, 2006

Sale of Liviko up by half in January
Estonia’s leading alcohol producer and importer Liviko sold 654,655 litres of hard spirits in January. Compared to same time last year the sale increased 46 percent.

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