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WEEK 5.2006

Monday, 30th of January, 2006

Turnover of OÜ Leviehitus doubled
Construction company OÜ Leviehitus increased turnover in 2005 to EEK 273 million; company’s turnover in 2004 was EEK 180.5 million. Income before income tax was EEK 6.8 million last year; in 2004, income before income tax was EEK 1.8 million.

Turnover of Celander Ehitus made a jump
Last year’s turnover of OÜ Celander Ehitus grew to EEK 250.2 million; turnover in 2004 was EEK 151.1 million. Company’s profit in 2005 was EEK 17.1 million and EEK 5.4 million a year before.

Wednesday, 1st of February, 2006

Growth of industrial production continued in December
Production of Estonian industrial companies increased 14% in December 2005 when compared to respective period in 2004; growth in manufacturing industry was 16%.
The biggest influence on growth of manufacturing industry was increased production in foodstuff production, woodwork and metal manufacturing.

Advertising market growth in last year brought record profits to newspapers
Last year was the most successful year to all biggest Estonian newspapers; Eesti Päevaleht, which was in loss for a couple of years ago, earned EEK 5 million profit.
Advertising income grew from EEK 45 million to EEK 53.6 million. SL Õhtuleht’s advertising income was EEK 46 million in 2005; Äripäev’s advertising sales grew 16.5%. Postimees publishes its results in the middle of February; advertising income of Eesti Eksress grew 6% last year. Estonian advertising market as a whole grew 14% last year.

BLS Eesti sales up 25 % in a year
The total turnover of Baltic Logistic System Eesti AS (BLS Eesti) reached EEK 45.48 million in 2005. This is 25 percent more than in 2004. Number of parcels grew 66 percent. The average number of parcels sent in one day has increased up to 5 thousand.
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