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WEEK 9. 2005

Monday, 28th of February, 2005

Rakvere meat packer achieved a giant profit
Rakvere Lihakombinaat Group, the largest meat packer in Baltic States, reported strong results for 2004. The consolidated net sales of the RLK Group totalled EUR 81 million (EEK 1.2 billion), an increase of 8.7 percent over 2003. Group net profit was EUR 6.2 million, an increase of 144 percent in a year.

Retail sale of meat went up 13 percent
According to a new survey by AC Nielsen, retail sale of meat products went up 13 percent last year in Estonia to EEK 1.35 billion. Market leaders were Rakvere Lihakombinaat with 35 percent, Wõro Kommerts with 15 percent and Filee Lihatööstus with 9.4 percent of the market.

Estonian exports, imports up by 12 to 13 percent year-on-year
Estonian exports were up 13 percent year-on-year in December, while imports increased 12 percent. In December the share of EU countries (25 countries) in exports was 78 percent. Exports to CIS countries formed 11 percent of total exports. Imports increased 12 percent in December 2004 compared to December 2003. In December the share of EU countries (25 countries) in imports was 76 percent. Imports from CIS countries formed 13 percent of total imports.

Tuesday, 1st of March, 2005

Profit of Eesti Post exceeded expectations
Eesti Post announced that last year’s profit exceeded the budgetary expectations, reaching up to EEK 29.3 million. Growth was mainly due to the restraining of growth of expenses and revenues from logistics and utility postal services. Compared to 2003, profit of Eesti Post grew 23.1 percent last year. Trading income of Eesti Post grew 5.4 percent up to EEK 691.7 million.

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