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WEEK 8. 2005

Monday, 21st of February, 2005

Estonian food industries successful in Finland
In one year, Estonian companies doubled their food exports to Finland selling EEK 404 million worth of food in Finland in 2004. The figure in 2003 was EEK 201 million. This made Finland Estonia’s third-largest food export market.

Sales of laptops to increase
IT experts say that sales of laptop computers in Estonia is likely to double in a year to 44,000 laptops in 2004. Industry observers say sales are skyrocketing because of lower prices, cheap credit and favourable Internet access packages.

Thursday, 22nd of February, 2005

Profit of Estonian Gas up to EEK 100 million
The net profit of AS Eesti Gaas in 2004 amounted EEK 99.3 million by the turnover of EEK 1.13 billion.

Wednesday, 23rd of February, 2005

Nearly 124,000 passengers in January
In January, 123,703 passengers used the services of train traffic company Edelaraudtee, which is 4181 passengers more than a year earlier.
Eesti Päevaleht

Kristiine Casino earned EEK 25 million in 2004
Last year’s profit of Kristiine Casino reached EEK 25.1 million by the turnover of EEK 78.4 million. In 2003, the company earned a profit of EEK 9.7 million by the turnover of EEK 21.9 million.

Friday, 25th of February, 2005

Garment maker Baltika turns loss into profit in 2004
Estonia's largest garment maker Baltika reported that its net profit
amounted to EEK 16.7 million in 2004. The majority of net profit (11.4
million) was earned in the fourth quarter. In comparison, the company
ended the year 2003 with a loss of EEK 67.4 million.

Kreenholm forecasts profit in 2006
Estonia’s largest textile industry Kreenholm that belongs to Swedish
textile group Boras Wäfveri and has been making losses for several years
may return to profit already next year. “The sun is not yet shining, but
we know how to bring it out,” said Thomas Widstrand, chief executive of
Boras Wäferi.

Nordea’s Estonian branch reports doubled loan volume in a year
Estonian branch of the Scandinavian banking giant Nordea reported that
its loan volume to private persons increased 57 percent last year. Toivo
Annus, head of retail banking division of Nordea Estonia, said that this
is the result of being the market leader in terms of low interest rates.
Nordea’s net profit in 2004 was EEK 162 million.

Unemployment rate fell
In the fourth quarter of 2004, the unemployment rate in Estonia fell to 8.5 percent. Unemployment rate is the share of the unemployed in the labour force. Labour force or economically active population is the sum of employed and unemployed persons.
Eesti Päevaleht

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