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WEEK 6. 2005

Tuesday, 8th of February, 2005

Easyjet to have more clients
Due to opening of new routes European second biggest low-cost airline Easyjet announced yesterday that the number of passengers grew 24 percent in the first month of the year compared to respective period last year. In January, the company served 2.08 million clients. The number was 1.68 million a year ago. Occupancy of airplanes reached 76.4 percent. Mr. Ray Webster, head of Easyjet evaluated the company’s 2Q that ends in March as positive. Analysts have predicted a continuing decrease of ticket prices in the 2Q.

Profit of Tallink decreased by EEK 70 million a year
Tallink Group earned EEK 313 million in profit by the turnover of EEK 3.4 billion in the fiscal year of 2003/2004. Mr. Andres Hunt, financial director of Tallink Group admits that although company’s turnover grew 14 percent a year, net profit decreased nearly EEK 70 million due to the elimination of tax free trade.
Eesti Päevaleht

Estonian foreign trade up
Estonia’s imports from non-EU countries were up 50.4 percent in a year and exports up by 36 percent. According to preliminary data, the value of Estonia’s foreign trade with non-EU countries by special trade system in December 2004 was EEK 4.3 billion, of which exports were 1.3 billion and imports were 3 billion kroons.

Daily newspapers in profit
Most Estonian daily newspapers are in profit and earned millions last year. Aggregate profit of newspapers is EEK 42.5 million of which Postimees earned 7 million, SL Õhtuleht 21 million, Äripäev 10 million and Eesti Päevaleht 0.15 million.

Thursday, 10th of February, 2005

Profit of Saaremaa Spas reached EEK 7.7 million in 2004
Last year’s net profit of Saaremaa Spa Hotels grew approximately 67 percent compared to 2003. The EEK 13-million commercial profit was remained on the same level with 2003. Turnover of accommodation establishments reached over EEK 88 million, which is nearly EEK 10 million more than in 2003. Saaremaa Spa Hotels consists of three hotels that have 509 accommodation places.

Hansabank may have earned EUR 48m in Q4 net profit
Analysts say that Hansabank may have increased its fourth-quarter net profit by half to EUR 48 million or EEK 750 million. A year ago the bank reported that its fourth-quarter net profit was EEK 500 million.

Ühispank grew profit by third in 2004
Eesti Ühispank that belongs to Swedish banking group SEB reported 31 percent growth in net profit in 2004. The bank said that its net profit for the year was EUR 45 million (EEK 712 million). In 2003 Ühispank made a net profit of 544 million.

Friday, 11th of February, 2005

Profit of Estravel up by EEK 26 million
Technical sale of Estravel’s services in 2004 reached EEK 603 million that surmounts the respective number in 2003 by EEK 26 million. Profit before amounted EEK 18 million, whereby the result in 2003 was EEK 14.4 million. The sale of flight tickets formed the biggest part of product groups – 55,3 percent.

Elisa increased client base by third
Elisa (former Radiolinja) increased the number of clients by 34 percent up to 225,500 by the end of 2004. Turnover of Elisa’s mobile connection was EEK 1.179 billion, having grown by 24 percent compared to 2003. Profit grew 75 percent up to EEK 202 million.
Sami Seppänen, CEO of Elisa admits that the goal of the company is to grow faster than the market, which Elisa also managed to do last year.

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