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WEEK 50. 2005

Monday, 12th of December, 2005

If Eesti Kindlustus collected more than EEK 1 billion insurances
If Eesti Kindlustus informed that it has collected insurances for over EEK 1 billion since the beginning of the year. More than half of collected insurances have already been paid out to customers. Estonians insure cars the most; companies’ property insurance and home insurance follow.

Wednesday, 14th of December, 2005

Bank of Estonia: growth continued
Bank of Estonia published a quarter comment of economic politics, admitting quick economic growth in third quarter also. If GDP grew 8.5% in first half of 2005, then in third quarter the growth quickened to 10.8%; Estonian economy grew by 9.3 per cent points quicker than the economy of the euro zone in third quarter, the comment says.

State’s incomings overbalance outgoings by EEK 3.9 billion
According to the Ministry of Finance, EEK 49.3 billion has come in to national budget in eleven months; therefore 89.2% of national budget incomings have been fulfilled. Outgoings in eleven months have been EEK 45.3 billion, which is 82.5% of national budget.

Fall of records in Estonian economy
GDP grew near 11% in third quarter; unemployment rate has dropped to 7.1% in five years. Exportation growth rate reached 27%, wages are growing, and taxes are coming in as planned. It seems that Estonian economy is prospering but loans taken from banks need to be paid back some day, analyst Raivo Sormunen warns.

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