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WEEK 5. 2005

Monday, 31st of January, 2004

Estonian Air Navigation Services earned EEK 66 million in profit
According to preliminary un-audited data, Estonian Air Navigation Services earned EEK 66 million in profit by the earned income of EEK 181.5 million.
Mr Marko Otsing, financial director of Estonian Air Navigation Services admitted that the preliminary results of 2004 prove company’s ability to earn a steady income for its owner the Republic of Estonia.
Compared to last year, net profit of Estonian Air Navigation Services has grown 2.2 times, having increased by EEK 36 million.

Tuesday, 1st of February, 2005

Amount of Ühispank Life Insurance grew EEK150 million
The amount of Ühispank Life Insurance’s client assets grew EEK 152.5 million in 2004. The sale of third pension pillar products grew 4.9 percent, which took the market share of Ühispank’s sales of life insurance up to 31.3 percent compared to 27.2 percent in 2003.

Wednesday, 2nd of February, 2005

Turnover grew by more than half
AS Silberauto, vendor of Mercedes-Benz, Chrysler & Jeep and Mitsubishi sold 3760 cars in 2004 and its consolidated turnover grew 66 percent up to EEK 2.3 billion.

Thursday, 3rd of February, 2005

More passengers in Tallinn Airport
In January, carriage of passengers in Tallinn Airport grew 41 percent whereby carriage of goods decreased 25 percent compared to respective period last year.
In January, 85,314 passengers passed through Tallinn Airport.

SP Transit Eesti grew turnover by EEK 10 million
Last year’s realized net sales of transportation company SP Transit estimated EEK 229,8 million. A year before the sales reached EEK 218,4 million. Profit before taxes increased to EEK 13,8 million.

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