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WEEK 40. 2005

Saturday, 1st of October, 2005

Hansabank named again Estonian Bank of the Year by The Banker Magazine
The Banker Magazine has named Hansabank "The Bank of the Year in Estonia" in its new issue. It is the sixth year in a row that Hansabank has received such an award. This makes Hansabank one of the few banks in the world that have received the award in all six years since 2001.
The Banker Magazine evaluated 510 banks from 138 countries.

Monday, 3rd of October, 2005

Sale of industrial commodities grew
The retail sale of industrial goods grew 13 percent in August compared to same period last year. In August, the retail trade companies sold goods for EEK 3.2 billion.

Tuesday, 4th of October, 2005

Freight turnover of Tallinn Airport has doubled
Freight turnover of Tallinn Airport was more than 6.5 million kg during the nine months of this year, which is twice as much as during the respective time last year. 0.6 million kg of goods passed through Tallinn Airport in September. Airport has serviced 45% more passengers this year when compared to previous year. Number of passengers has been over one million this year.

Thursday, 6th of October, 2005

Estonia is on 7th among transitional countries
According to Bertelsmanm index that evaluates the reforms in transitional countries Estonia is seventh by success. The chart consisting of more than 100 countries ends with Zimbabwe, North Korea, Côte d'Ivoire, Turkmenistan and Somaalia.
SL Õhtuleht

Friday, 7th of October, 2005

A Le Coq to prognosticate over 7 million litres for amount of cider market
AS A Le Coq prognosticates ca 5.3 million litres for the amount of this year’s cider market. This is 10 percent more than in 2004. In first nine months of the year 5.8 million litres of cider has been sold in Estonia. Sources of market growth are especially domestic ciders that form nearly 75 percent of the entire market.

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