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WEEK 4. 2005

Monday, 24th of February, 2004

Kitman earned a profit of EEK 7.3 million
Last year’s turnover of Estonian biggest commercial furniture manufacturer AS Kitman reached EEK 7.3 million by the turnover of EEK 73.5 million. Nearly 60 percent of production was exported. Profit of 2003 reached EEK 3 million by the turnover of EEK 60 million.

Tuesday, 25th of February, 2004

Turnover of ETK surmounted the level of EEK 4 billion in 2004
Net turnover of ETK system of retail trade grew 13.5 percent in 2004 compared to 2003, reaching up to EEK 4.02 billion.
Most successful ETK hypermarkets were Lasnamäe and Laagri Maksimarket, where the turnover of retail grew respectively 29.6 percent and 17.4 percent.

Wednesday, 26th of January, 2004

Sales turnover and profit of Estravel up in 2004
Technical sales turnover of Estravel AS in 2004 grew up to EEK 603 million and profit before taxes reached EEK 18 million. In 2003, the company’s sales turnover reached Eek 577 million and profit before taxes was EEK 14.4 million.
55.3 percent of the total sales were flight tickets, 20.3 percent were package vacations, 6.3 percent were ship tickets and other services formed 7.6 percent of Estravel’s sales.

Friday, 28th of January

Estonian car dealers grew sales
Aggregate sales of Estonian car dealers went up by around a billion kroons last year. The biggest sales growth was posted by Silberauto whose sales went up by 800 million kroons. Amserv Group that sells Toyota and Lexus reached billion kroons in sales for the first time. Turnover of Saksa Auto that is dealer for Volkswage went up 39 percent.

Balbiino made EEK 7 million in profit
Estonian icecream maker Balbiino reported that it made EEK 7 million in profit in 2004 at sales of EEK 274 million. Sales went up 14 percent in a year while exports increased 21 percent. Balbiino exported EEK 32 million worth of icecream last year to Latvia, Lithuania and Germany. In Estonia Balbiino’s market share is 42 percent and in Latvia 10 percent.

Property developers sold record number of apartments
2004 was a strong year for property developers who sold a record number of new apartments. During the year, developers sold almost as many apartments as in the two previous years combined. During the year, a total of 2,700 new apartments were sold. This is about 1,000 apartment more than in 2003. At the end of the year only 900 new apartments most of which had been completed in the second half had not yet found a buyer.

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