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WEEK 36. 2005

Monday 5th of September, 2005

Turnover of Koger & Partnerid up vigorously
Net turnover of AS Koger & Partnerid in the first half-year of 2005 grew up to EEK 402.5 million. Six-month profit of the construction company went up to EEK 6.1 million. Respective figures last year were EEK 275.7 million and 0.3 million.

Tuesday, 6th of September, 2005

Estonian economy to grow thanks to dashing export
With support of highest economic growth in past five years, wages have increased and unemployment has decreased. Analysts are pleased that one of the engines for the economic growth is the dashing increase of export.
In the 2Q, Estonian economic growth reached up to 10 percent. Besides export, also real estate sector and construction market have grown fast. Analysts are on the opinion that the growth of export bears witness to the good state of Estonian economy.

79,000 new Internet users accrued in year
According to a research, 55 percent or about 575,000 15 – 74-year-old Estonian residents use Internet. Compared to last year, the number has grown by 79,000. Every fourth 15 – 74-year-old Estonian uses Internet on daily basis.
Eesti Päevaleht

Over 5000 passengers on Saaremaa-Ventspils route
According to SLK Ferries, the company served 5146 passengers and 1089 vehicles on the pram route of Saaremaa-Ventspis. During the entire summer season, 13,662 passengers have driven the route. Most passengers were from Latvia. Due to high demand, the company will continue driving the route also in September. A cruise on Venta River was added to the schedule.

Wednesday, 7th of September, 2005

Occupancy in Domina hotels
Average occupancy of Domina City hotel was 89% and average occupancy of Domina Ilmarine hotel was 83% during the three summer months. During this period, 16,856 people stayed overnight in Domina’s hotels, which is 577 people more than during the respective period year ago. In all, people from 60 different countries stayed overnight in Domina hotels this summer.
Eesti Päevaleh

Thursday, 8th of September, 2005

Newcomers have brought new life to Tallinn Stock Exchange
Yesterday, Äripäev index surpassed another symbolic milestone – the limit of 1800 points. From the beginning of the year, index has increased 50 percent.
Although after the leaving of Hansapank it was dreaded that the Tallinn Stock Exchange would wither, it has not happened. Furthermore – in addition to newcomers on the stock exchange, speculations are coming around about next newcomers like Teede REV-2 and Tallink. After the leaving of Hansapank, Estonian Telecom has become the biggest company on the stock exchange. When comparing the indexes of OMX Group it appears that Lithuanians are even more successful than Estonians.

Friday, 9th of September, 2005

Finland to grow popularity among Estonians
According to the statistics of Finland, almost every Tallinn’s resident visited Finland in 2004. 400,000 Estonian citizens visited Finland in 2005. Last year, the trips of Estonians to Finland grew significantly. Compared to 2003, 66 percent more Estonians visited Finland in 2004. Third of the trips were business trips. Last year, Estonians left about EUR 60 million or a little less than EEK 1 billion to Finland. In total, Estonians spent EEK 5 billion in foreign countries last year. In addition, EEK 1 billion was spent on transport. The main trigger for the growth of travelling is Estonia’s EU accession.

Saturday, 10th of September, 2005

Estonia ranks 9th in economic freedom
Estonia was ranked 9th in economic freedom by Fraser Institute among 127 countries. Latvia and Lithuania were 44th to 49th. Estonia shares places from 9th to 11th with Australia, Luxembourg and Arabian United Emirates. A year ago Estonia was 11th among 123 states and in 2003 it was 26th. Estonia is also the highest-ranking Eastern European country.

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