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WEEK 35. 2005

Monday, 29th of August, 2005

Lawyer’s office Lepik and Luhaäär earned EEK 0.5 million
Lawyer’s office Lepik and Luhaäär earned EEK 0.5 million profit last year; company’s sales were EEK 26 million. Lawyer’s office gave work to 34 people and paid them EEK 9.1 million.

Tuesday, 30th of August, 2005

Tallinn Harbour increased sales and profit
19.8 million tons of trades passed through the harbours belonging to Tallinn Harbour during the first six months of 2005. This is 3% more than during the respective time last year. Number of passengers reached 3.14 million, overcoming the same index in 2004 by 12%. Consolidated sales revenue of Tallinn Harbour in first quarter was EEK 579 million and consolidated operating profit grew by 5% to EEK 328 million. Consolidated net profit in first quarter was EEK 209 million.

Wednesday, 31st of August, 2005

Viru Keemia Grupp earned EEK 121 million profit
Consolidated sales of Viru Keemia Grupp companies were EEK 711 million in 2004; profit was EEK 121 million. In 2004, company invested EEK 357 million.

Sale of retail business companies increased 12% in July
Retail sale of retail business companies increased 12% in July 2005 when compared to July 2004. Retail business companies sold goods for EEK 3.2 billion in July. Companies estimate that favourable environment will remain in retail business.

Thursday, 1st of September, 2005

Industrial production continually growing in July
According to Statistics Department, Estonian industrial enterprises produced 3% more goods in July 2005 than in June present year. When compared to July 2004, production in industrial field grew 11%. The most successful fields are foodstuff production, woodworking and metal goods production.

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