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WEEK 34. 2005

Monday, 22nd of August

Saaremaa Spa Hotels had a record occupancy in July
Saaremaa Spa Hotels serviced 4220 customers in July this year, 15% of them were Estonians. Average occupancy in Saaremaa Spa Hotels reached 95% in July, which is about 3% more than in July 2004. Toivo Ast, executive manager of company thinks that increase in occupancy shows that people pay more attention to their health. Ast says that Saaremaa is also a very attractive destination because of its accessibility and new shipping- and airlines.

Profit and sales of Fazer Estonia grew
The net sales of AS Fazer Eesti grew up to EEK 135.4 million in the first half-year. Profit of the same period reached EEK 2.8 million. A year ago, sales and profit of the company were respectively EEK 116.2 million and EEK 2 million. Fazer Estonia consists of Fazer Amica, Fazer Pagarid and Candyking.

Wednesday, 24th of August

Jetoil to grow 52 percent
Jetoil AS, wholesaler of diesel fuel and fuel oil earned a profit of EEK 4 million by the turnover of EEK 241 million in the first half-year. Compared to respective period in 2004, Jetoil grew turnover by 52 percent.
Eesti Päevaleht, Ärileht

Thursday, 25th of August

Estonia to set a record in tourism
In comparison of 25 EU member states, the flow of tourists grew the most in Estonia, shows the recent survey of Eurostat. In Estonia, tourism grew 30 percent in 2004. According to Malle Pottsepp, vice president of Estravel tourism bureau, the number of tourists could have been even bigger but the lack of hotel places set its limits. Ministry of economics and communications reports that the flow of tourists grew due to new accommodation places, spas, new ship and air routes and decrease of flight prices. Allan Kasesalu, PR adviser of the ministry added that also the media coverage of the Eurovision Song Contest and the EU expansion played a significant part in developing tourism.
Postimees, 2005-08-25

Estonia to set tourism records in the European Union
Last year, the number of tourists visiting Estonia grew 30 percent, which is the fastest growth compared to other EU member states. For this year, the ministry of economics and communication is predicting the growth to slow down.
After the opening of EasyJet’s Tallinn-London flight route, the number of British tourists in Estonia grew a significant 185 percent. According to the ministry, 1.37 million foreign tourists stayed the night at Estonian accommodation places in 2004. Compared to 2003, the number grew 24 percent.
The ministry predicts the flow of tourists to grow 14 percent this year.
Postimees, 2005-08-25, Kaire Uusen

Pärnu Plaaditehas increased sales and profit
AS Pärnu Plaaditehas, manufacturer of chip-boards, achieved a net sales of EEK 49.9 million in first six months of 2005. Profit of the company reached EEK 2.6 million. Respective figures a year ago were EEK 48.1 million and 1.7 million.

Tarkon multiplied profit
AS Tarkon, a fine mechanics company, grew net sales of the first half-year to EEK 189.5 million compared to EEK 131.8 million last year. Profit of the first six months reached EEK 8.4 million, whereby the respective figure last year was EEK 1.5 million.

Turnover of Tarmel to reach EEK 54 million
Net turnover of furniture manufacturer AS Tarmel Group grew to EEK 54.4 million, of which profit formed EEK 2.4 million. Same figures last year were respectively EEK 44.5 million and EEK 0.6 million.

Friday, 26th of August, 2005

Mööblimaja to grow sales
In the first six months of the year, AS Mööblimaja, vendor of furniture, achieved net sales of EEK 44.1 million and a profit of EEK 4.7 million. Respective figures last year were EEK 35.9 million and EEK 3.1 million.

Tallink still in profit
Tallink that is based on Estonian capital is still in profit, the number of passengers is increasing and investments reach up to billions. Tallink’s fiscal year ends on August 31 and before that, the company is not willing to comment its financial situation. Financial director Janek Stalmeister admitted only that in first seven months, the company has served 229,000 passengers more than last year. This is a growth of 10 percent. He reported that Tallink is in profit.

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