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WEEK 32. 2005

Wednesday, 10th of August, 2005

Pärnu spas earned EEK 12 million
AS Taastusravikeskus Estonia and AS Taastusravikeskus Sõprus that belong to the town of Pärnu earned nearly EEK 12 million in 2004. AS Pärnu Mudaravila earned a loss of EEK 2 million.
Eesti Paevaleht

Estravel’s turnover grew 10 percent in six months
The technical turnover of Estravel’s services in Estonia during first half-year reached EEK 311.3 million. Growth compared to last year is 10 percent. The sale of package holidays has increased the most. The sale of flights tickets has grown 11 percent.
Eesti Paevaleht

Novatours strengthened market position
Travel organiser Novatours sold travel packages for nearly EEK 80 million in seven months. This is five times more than in respective period in 2004. “The company strengthened its leader position even more, holding a market share of nearly 40 percent,” admitted Raimondas Useckas, executive director of Novatours OU.
Eesti Päevaleht

More railway passengers
In July, 174,082 passengers used the services of national railway Edelaraudtee. The number of passengers grew 11 percent compared to June.
Eesti Päevaleht

Commercial profit of Elisa up 55 percent
Compared a year earlier, the mobile connection turnover of operator Elisa grew 18 percent or up to EEK 346 million in the 2Q. Commercial profit grew 22 percent or up to EEK 55 million compared to respective period last year.
Eesti Päevaleht

Annual turnover of MicroLink surpassed EEK 555 million
MicroLink ended the last fiscal year with an EEK 555 million turnover and EEK 20 million profit. This year’s data are not directly comparable to the results of the previous fiscal year, as they do not include the results of sold SAF Tehnika and Delfi. With 55 percent, Latvia gave the biggest part of the turnover, followed by Estonia with 28 and Lithuania with 17 percent.
Eesti Päevaleht

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