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WEEK 3. 2005

Monday, 17th of January, 2005

Turnover of GNT Eesti AS reached EEK 700 million
Turnover of GNT Eesti, Estonian biggest wholesaler of computer products and home electronics reached EEK 700 million in 2004. This is 38 percent more than in 2003, when turnover reached EEK 505 million.
Anti Kuiv, executive director of GNT Eesti admitted that IT-expenses per one person increased significantly in 2004.

Tuesday, 18th of January, 2005

Profit of Estonian banks up sharply last year
Aggregate profit of Estonian banks almost doubled last year to EEK 2.5 billion (160 million euros). Analysts say that such rapid growth in profit was caused by higher efficiency and lack of competition. Another reason for rapid profit growth is ongoing housing loan boom. The banks issued EEK 92 billion in new loans last year, up by a third. Private loans went up by 50 percent to EEK 28 billion.

Hansabank share continues climbing
Share price of Hansabank continues to climb and reached record height of EEK 157.2 a share, up 1.2 percent. From the share issue made in 2004, the bank’s share price is up 63 percent.

E.O.S. increased transshipment
Oil terminal E.O.S. transshipped 5.9 million tons in 2004, a slight increase compared to 2003. Chairman Arnout Lugtmeijer said that during 2004, E.O.S. transshipped a total of 5.894 million tons of heavy fuel oil and loaded 107 oil tankers in the Port of Muuga.
Eesti Päevaleht

Wednesday, 19th of January, 2005

Turnover of Smarten up in December
In December, logistics company Smarten transported trade in the value of EEK 300 million, which is 50 percent more than same time last year. According to Mait Miller, CEO of Smarten, prognosis came true and due to accrued clients and increased trade amounts, the plan even exceeded expectations.

150,000 passengers more than a year ago
Last year, 1,737,012 people used the services of train company Edelaraudtee. This is 154,326 passengers more than in 2003.
Eesti Päevaleht

Friday, 21st of January, 2005

Turnover of Amserv Group surpassed billion kroons
Turnover of car sales concern Amserv Group surpassed the level of billion kroons last year, having increased by nearly EEK 200 million. In 2004, turnover of Amserv Group amounted EEK 1001 million, whereby the turnover of 2003 amounted EEK 815.9 million.

EU brought a record year to alcohol manufacturers
Finnish tourists who have been flocking to Tallinn to buy cheap vodka helped Estonian distilleries to increase their sales by a third in 2004.
All the local distilleries managed to increase their sales capacities in home market. Sales grew most in Liviko that increased also its market share from earlier 58 to current 61 percent. Second biggest distillery is Ofelia and third is Onistar.
Janek Kalvi, marketing director of Liviko admits that the company is looking expectantly to the future and hopes that the potential of tourism trade has not depleted yet.

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