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WEEK 26. 2005

Friday, 1st of July, 2005

Prosperous economy to ease government’s life
Estonian ministers continue discussions over the 2006 national budget this week. Composing the budget seems to go smoothly due to the progress in Estonian economy. Estonian minister of finance Aivar Sõerd has introduced the new budget plan; the amount of income for the budget has exceeded EEK 59.25 billion. Estonian government has given up the plan to raise excises of fuel and alcohol near future but rise in tobacco excise will still be put into force in order to gain additional EEK 83 million for the budget. It is likely that next year’s budget will grow over EEK 60 billion.
Eesti Päevaleht

Monday, 4th of July, 2005

The amount of plane passengers has doubled in year
According to the statistics of Tallinn Airport, 127,333 passengers used the airport in June; that is 47.9 per cent more than same time last year. Also, 1,051,082 kg of goods and 63,020 kg of mail passed through the airport in June. The amount of goods increased 208 per cent and the mail delivery decreased 5.8 percent in a year.

Monday, 4th of July, 2005

Advertising sales of newspapers grew 13 % in June
Advertising sales of Estonian five biggest newspapers grew 13 % in June, which is more than the average of past six months. Market leader was Postimees, which made EEK 6 million with advertisements. Eesti Ekspress followed with EEK 5.9 million; Äripäev earned EEK 5.3 million in June. Eesti Päevaleht made EEK 4.1 million and SL Õhtuleht EEK 3.7 million. Eesti Ekspress had the biggest sales increase by 23 %. Media analyst Toomas Leito says that the busiest advertisers were real estate developers, personnel seekers, retail companies, travel agencies and car sellers.

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