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WEEK 24. 2005

Saturday, 11th of June, 2005

Shipping traffic on the Baltic Sea to grow very fast
The Baltic Sea is a sea with one of the world’s intense shipping traffics. On best days, there are 250 ships sailing on the Baltic Sea. According to Markku Mylly, manager of Finnish navigation center, the shipping traffic will grow 10 percent a year.

Monday, 13th of June, 2005

East-Virumaa to become the Mecca of investments
At times, when enthusiasm for investments is starting to cool down elsewhere in Estonia, East-Virumaa County is lifting its head up – already this year, the region should surpass the average Estonian growth of economy and receive millions of kroons from both local and foreign investors.
In terms of tourism, a ship route between Sillamäe and Kotka that will become regular as of May 2006, will become attractive to both tourists and business people. A completely new tourism routes will develop. Citizens of St. Petersburg will have a possibility to visit two EU countries with one visa.
Although an industrial region could be the last place to go on a vacation, scattered landscape and changing surfaces should be the best places for developing extreme sports.
Soon, thermal spas will be opened in Toila Spa – seven different saunas and a health complex. Kalvi Manor House is planning to expand the hotel, construct a landing spot for helicopters and build golf courses.

Wednesday, 15th of June, 2005

RIMI Baltic Group turnover grew
Net turnover of RIMI Baltic Group was EUR 67.5 million in May this year and total five-month turnover reached EUR 314.8 million, which means a growth of 25.1 percent. Turnover of RIMI Eesti was EUR 27.6 million in May, and EUR 127.4 million from January to May. Compared to respective period last year, RIMI Eesti’s turnover grew 29 percent.
Eesti Päevaleht, Ärileht

Friday, 17th of June, 2005

Eesti Energia ends year with a profit of EEK 671 million
Estonian state-owned power company Eesti Energia reported that its profit for the financial year was EEK 671 million and turnover was 6.2 billion. During the year the company invested EEK 2.5 billion. The state plans to take EEK 97 million out in dividends from the company.

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