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WEEK 17. 2005

Monday, 25th of April, 2005

Import growth outpaces exports in February in Estonia
Exports increased by 1 percent and imports by 9 percent in February compared to January. The value of Estonia’s foreign trade was EEK 15.3 billion. In February exports amounted to EEK 6.7 billion and imports to EEK 8.6 billion. The trade deficit was EEK 1.9 billion.

Altia Eesti sells 20 percent more vodka in a year in Estonia
Altia Eesti, subsidiary of Finnish alcohol retailer Altia, reported strong growth in first-quarter vodka sales. Altia is one of the largest alcohol producers and retailers in the Baltic Sea region. The company sold 29,539 litres of vodka on the Estonian market, which is a fifth more than a year ago.

Baltika’s profit increased share price
Estonia’s largest garment maker Baltika reported vastly improved first-quarter results. The company ended the first quarter with a profit of EEK 10.4 million which is 17 times higher than a year earlier.
Baltika share increased nearly 8 percent on Tallinn Stock Exchange after the publishing of results.

Tuesday, 26th of April, 2005

Veho Eesti grew turnover and profit
In the 1Q, AS Veho Eesti, representative of Honda and Citroen, grew net turnover up to EEK 150.7 million, whereby the last year’s number was EEK 136.8 million. Profit of the 1Q reached EEK 3.9 million compared to EEK 3.1 million last year.

First quarter was a success to Reval Auto
The 1Q net turnover of Audi representative Reval Auto amounted EEK 59 million and profit reached EEK 1.2 million. Respective indicators were EEK 45.8 million and EEK 1.2 million a year ago.

ELKE Auto profit reached EEK 5.5 million
In the 1Q of the year, ELKE Auto, representative of Toyota and Lexus, increased net turnover from last year’s EEK 95.4 million to EEK 116.3 million and profit from EEK 3.7 million to EEK 5.5 million.

Wednesday, 27th of April, 2005

Long and cold winter raised total sale of holiday packets and increased the sales of travel agencies
Manager of Estonian Holidays Heiki Laur said that rivalry on Estonian travel service market has increased noticeably with arrival of new couriers and low-cost airlines. He thinks that clients win from this rivalry. “Beginning of the year has been busy to Wris”, said company’s board member Aili Kägu. Wris wants to enable their clients themselves to search suitable flying route and airline from company’s web page. Jüri Toom, marketing manager of Estravel, does not predict new big companies on market for some time.

Domina Hotels & Resorts: Profit of hotels in Tallinn
Operating profit of hotels Ilmarine and City last financial year in all was EEK 25.2 million and sales revenue EEK 51.6 million. Year before operating profit of these hotels was EEK 15.6 million and sales revenue EEK 33.8 million.
Eesti Paevaleht, Arileht

Domina World Travel: Sales in three months 28 millions
Estonian biggest courier Domina World Travel’s sales in first three months this financial year were EEK 28.3 million. 2800 people travelled by the agency of Domina World Travel.
Eesti Paevaleht, Arileht

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