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WEEK 16. 2005

Tuesday, 19th of April, 2005

300 000 cruise tourists to visit Estonia
300 000 cruise tourists and 336 cruise ships will be visiting Estonia in forthcoming summer season. Last year, about 60 % of tourists were from the European Union and 30 % from USA. In all, there were about 120 nations represented last year.
Eesti Paevaleht

Sales of Domina World Travel in three months were EEK 28 mln
Executive director in Domina World Travel M Color arina Laikjoe states that on the basis of the results in first three months, Domina is leader of market and top courier in Estonia. During that time amount of permanent and temporary customers increased. Laikjoe also said that Tunisia would be their new destination.

Wednesday, 20th of April, 2005

If Eesti Kindlustus paid EEK 56 million of benefits in March
In March this year, If Eesti Kindlustus benefited 3096 damage cases in a total sum of EEK 56 million. Compared to 2004, the sum has increased by 31 percent.
Eesti Päevaleht

Thursday, 21st of April, 2005

More and more broadband connections
Number of Elion’s broadband connections grew more than 50 percent a year up to approximately 77,000. So has connection, either broadband or dial-up, reached every fourth home in Estonia. When in the beginning of 2004, Elion has 50,800 fast broadband connections, then by the end of the year, the number grew more than 51 percent up to 76,800. According to TNS Emor e-monitoring survey, 153,000 Estonian homes have computers connected to Internet. This forms 26 percent of households. According to the survey, 25,000 Internet –families accrued in a year.

Profit of OMX dropped but surpassed expectations nevertheless
Profit of OMX, owner of Tallinn, Riga, Helsinki and Stockholm stock exchanges decreased in the 1Q by 44 percent, while still exceeding the expectations of analysts.
Yesterday, shares of OMX increased 6.01 percent, which was the fastest daily growth of the past year. The share ended the day at SEK 83.75.
According to Bloomberg, profit of OMX reached SEK 132 million, which is SEK 1.15 per share. In 1Q last year, profit amounted SEK 237 million. This year, analysts expected profit to be SEK 115 million. Turnover decreased 1.1 percent down to SEK 485 million. Analysts expected turnover to drop to SEK 435 million.
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