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WEEK 12. 2005

Monday, 21st of March, 2005

Turnover of Qualitex to reach over EEK 110 million
According to unaudited data, the net turnover of the textile industry AS Qualitex amounted EEK 110.5 million by the profit of EEK 0.7 million. In 2003, the turnover reached EEK 109.7 million.

Tuesday, 22nd of March, 2005

DFDS Transport turnover over EEK 400 million
In 2004 DFDS Transport was able to increase its realized net turnover to EEK 423 million, profit reached EEK 34,5 million. Last year turnover of expeditor company was EEK 381 million and profit EEK 33,5 million

Wednesday, 23rd of March, 2005

Estonian Air turnover to reach almost EEK 1 billion
Aviation company Estonian Air served EEK 29.5 million in profit by the turnover of EEK 948.6 million. Olev Schults, CEO of Estonian Air claimed that this is an extraordinary profit that was formed by property sales, unrealised expenses of technical reserve and insurance premiums that reach back to 2001.
Eesti Päevaleht

Thursday, 24th of March, 2005

Production of laptops doubled
Although the general manufacturing of computers decreased in February by 326 computers compared to January, the manufacturing of laptops increased significantly. Both ML Arvutid and desknote manufactured almost two times more laptops than in January. Market leader Ordi managed to grow production of laptops by 3.4 percent. Although K-Arvutisalong did not manufacture any laptops in February, the sale was a record 498 laptops. Datagate grew computer production by 13.3 percent compared to same period last year. It is prognosticated that the manufacturing of computers will increase in March.

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