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WEEK 11. 2005

Tuesday, 15th of March, 2005

Alcohol production grew 71 percent in February
In February, Estonian alcohol manufacturers sold alcohol 71 percent more than in January at the domestic market. Liviko preserved its leader’s position also in February, having sold 603,100 litres of hard liquor in Estonia.
Export of hard liquor grew 30 percent on February compared to the same period last year. Liviko is also the leader in export with 204,300 litres.

Last year’s turnover of Eckero Line grew 30 percent
Previous fiscal year’s turnover of Ekcero Line that drives on the route of Helsinki-Tallinn grew by 30 percent up to over EUR 43 million (EEK 672.8 million). Eckero Line did not publish its last year’s profit number, but noted that it was satisfying.

Balteco earned EEK 20 million in profit
Baltic’s biggest bath manufacturer AS Balteco earned a profit of EEK 20 million by the turnover of EEK 163.7 million in 2004.
Turnover increased 14 percent compared to last year.
Balteco exported 60 percent of its production in 2004. Main export markets of the company were Russia (18%), Ukraine (9.1%), Sweden (6.3%), Latvia (5.3%), Norway (4.5%) and Finland (4.5%).

Wednesday, 16th of March, 2005

Domina Management: hotel occupancy rate increased
Occupancy rate of Domina City hotel that belongs to Domina hotel chain increased in February reaching 64% and the occupancy rate of Domina Imaris hotel reached 32%. In comparison to the same period last year occupancy rate of Domina City and Domina Imaris hotels increased by 10% and 11% respectively.
Eesti Paevaleht

Thursday, 17th of March, 2005

Most part of the increasing number of Helsinki ferry line passengers belongs to Tallink
Last year one million passengers more travelled on Tallinn-Helsinki ferry line in comparison to a year before and 50% of that million passengers belonged to the market leader Tallink. Last year a bit more than 3 million passengers travelled on Tallinn – Helsinki ferry line, which is 0,5 million more than in 2003. New ships like Victoria, Regal Star and Autoexpress 3 helped to increase the number of passengers by one fifth. This year no additional vessels will be added to the line. Eckero Line was also able to increase their number of passengers on the main ferry Nordlandia to 800 000 people. Due to the withdrawal of Finnjet from Tallinn- Helsinki line Silja Line’s numbers decreased from 1,3 million passengers in 2003 to 1,2 million passengers in 2004. in 2004 Nordic Jet serviced 412 000 passengers and Viking Line serviced 862 000 passengers.

Friday, 18th of March, 2005

Last year 957 000 foreign tourists visited Tallinn
In 2004 the number of foreign visiting tourists increased substantially. 957 000 foreign tourists spend at least one night in Tallinn hotels, which is 31% more that in 2003. The number tourists increased mainly thanks to the vacationers, the number of business tourists stayed the same.
In 2004 the number of foreign visiting tourists in Stockholm constituted to 899 000, in Helsinki – 767 000 and in Riga – 620 000.
Eesti Päevaleht

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