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WEEK 52nd 2004

Tuesday, 21st of December, 2004

Estonian Air Navigation Services earned profit
The 11-month business revenues of Estonian Air Navigation Services amounted EEK 166.6 million and net profit reached EEK 64.9 million. These results were the best in company history.
Compared to same period last year, earned income has grown 27.1 percent, where by business expenses have grown 0.1 percent.

Wednesday, 22nd of December, 2004

Estonian industrial production up 4 percent in a year in November
Industrial production in Estonia went up 4 percent in November year-on-year in industry as a whole and 6 percent in manufacturing. The growth in the manufacturing production was mainly influenced by the increase in the manufacture of wood, radio, television and communication equipment and furniture.

Estonian economy is doing better than expected
Juhan Parts, Prime Minister of Estonia is convinced that the most important events of 2004 were Estonian accession to the EU and NATO. EU membership increased noticeably the interest of entrepreneurs from Europe and elsewhere. The amount of foreign investments has grown and tourism sector has widened. Finally, also double tariffs set by Russia were eliminated for Estonian entrepreneurs. The security guarantee of NATO raised Estonian state rating, which means lower interest rates.

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