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WEEK 42nd 2004

Monday, 11th of October, 2004

Hansapank was the biggest bond issuer last week
Together with British biggest chemists chain Boots Group, Hansapank was the biggest bond issuer in Europe, wrote Bloomberg.
On Tuesday, Hansapank issued five-year bonds in the value of EUR 750 million.

Tuesday, 12th of October, 2004

Turnover of Tirsi grew almost by half
The net turnover of Tirsi Grupp OÜ was EEK 385 million in nine months of the current year. In respective period last year, the group earned EEK 262 million of turnover in nine months.
Tirsi Grupp OÜ is Tartu-based retail trade company that operates with three supermarket-type stores.

Wednesday, 13th of October, 2004

Nine-month profit of Estravel was EEK 14.5 million
The nine-month sales turnover of Estonian biggest travel company Estravel was EEK 432.7 million and profit before taxes reached EEK 14.5 million. Respective figures during same period last year were correspondingly EEK 410.4 and EEK 11.6 million.

Nine-month sale of Liviko was EEK 7.3 million
Spirits manufacturer Liviko sold 7.3 million litres of hard liqueur in nine months of the current year. Compared to respective period last year, sales grew by 1.6 million litres or by 22 percent, announced the company.

WRIS turnover was EEK 75.4 million
Nine-month turnover of travel bureau WRIS formed EEK 75.4 million, of which most part came from the sale of flight tickets.
Aili Kägu, board member of WRIS admitted that the share of company’s regular customers forms nearly 60 percent of the total sale.

Thursday, 14th of October, 2004

Estonia is most competitive Eastern European country
According to the report of World Economic Forum, Estonia is most competitive Eastern European country. In the global competitiveness report, Estonia rose to the 20th position between Israel and Hong Kong. Estonia’s high ranking was due to its fast development in the field of technology.
In the chart, Lithuania ranks on 36th and Latvia on 44th position.

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