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WEEK 38th 2004

Tuesday, 14th of September, 2004

Next summer will bring over 300 000 cruise tourists to Estonia
For this season 231 cruise ships signed up to Tallinn Port, which brought 210 827 tourists to Tallinn. At the same time it is expected that next summer 309 cruise liners will dock in Tallinn bringing approximately 286 000 wealthy travelers. Marketing director of Tallinn Port Erik Sakkov stated that the new cruise liner’s dock, which was recently built, had fully proved itself. Currently the new dock can service 350 cruise liners, but if the capacity will increase additional dock could be constructed, commented Sakkov.
Eesti Päevaleht

Wednesday, 15th of September, 2004

EEK 13.5 billion a year passes through Estonian casinos
Last year, about EEK 13.5 billion passed through the casinos of Estonia – just like each Estonian resident, including infants and pensioners, had made a turnover of EEK 10,000 in gambling. Last year, Estonian state budget was only three times bigger than EEK 13.5 billion, and the budget of Tallinn was three times smaller than that. The best annual results were in Olympic Casino that earned a profit of EEK 45.5 million by the turnover of EEK 313 million in 2003. Kristiine Kasiino managed to increase both profit and turnover by 100 percent respectively up to EEK 21.9 million and 64 million.

34 percent passengers more in Estonian Air
In August, Estonian Air served 51,836 passengers or 34 percent passengers more than in August 2003.
Compared to the beginning of the year, growth has been 37 percent. The total number of passengers in August was 58,323.
The total number of passengers is still biggest on the route of Tallinn-Copenhagen, followed by Tallinn-London route.

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