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WEEK 37th 2004

Monday, 6th of September, 2004

Amount of Hansapank savings pension funds over EEK 1 billion
The amount of Hansapank’s obligatory and voluntary pension funds increased over EEK 1 billion. By the beginning of September, the amount of Hansapank’s obligatory savings pension funds had grown up to EEK 954.2 million and Hansapank’s voluntary savings pension funds had grown up to EEK 64.7 million, reaching in total up to EEK 1.019 billion.

Estonian economy to move slowly upwards
According to the statistics board, Estonian economy grew 6 percent in the 2Q. According to Maris Lauri from Hansapank, the result is about average. She admits that the economic growth of the 3Q will be similar. Lauri admits that there is no reason to worry as Estonian export has grown and industry is working well, number of tourists has increased. Both Hansapank and the Bank of Estonia expect Estonian economy to grow 5 percent this year.

Tuesday, 7th of September, 2004

Sampo collected EEK 35 million more premiums
In eight months of the current year, Sampo Life Insurance has collected EEK 58.8 million of premiums, which is EEK 35.3 million more than in respective period last year.

Wednesday, 8th of September, 2004

The August profit of Credit Bank reached EEK 971,000
In August, Estonian Credit Bank earned EEK 971,000 of profit. The bank’s total assets in the end of August reached EEK 1.5 billion. In seven months, the bank had earned EEK 7.3 million of profit.

The reserves of the Bank of Estonia increased
By the end of August, Central Bank’s gold and net forex reserves formed EEK 18.5 million, having grown by EEK 95.9 million or by 0.5 percent.
The total amount of Central Bank’s capital, reserves and profit increased by EEK 47.7 million, reaching up to EEK 3.6 billion.

Silberauto grew turnover by third
The consolidated turnover of AS Silberauto grew 32 percent and consolidated profit 24 percent in first half-year compared to respective period last year. Silberauto’s turnover reached EEK 1.12 billion and profit EEK 46.6 million.

Estonian Railways increased freight volume
Estonia’s largest rail freight carrier Estonian Railways announced that it handled 3.47 million tons of freight in August that is 0.2 percent more than a year ago. The freight volume increased 5.3 percent from July.

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