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WEEK 34th 2004

Monday, 16th of August, 2004

Sampo Pank reports 10.1 percent increase in H1 net profit
Finnish-owned Estonian banking group Sampo Pank reported to have ended the first half with a 10 percent higher net profit than a year ago. In consolidated figures, the group ended the half-year with the net profit of EEK 54.1 million, up 10.3 year-on-year.

Print Best printing house grew turnover
The net turnover of Print Best Printing House reached EEK 17.9 and net profit EEK 2.6 million in the first half-year. Compared to respective period last year, turnover and profit grew 36.3 percent and 15.9 percent.

Parme Trans earned EEK 2 million of profit last year
OÜ Parme Trans earned EEK 1.9 million of profit by the turnover of EEK 122.5 million last year. This year, the transport company plans to achieve a net profit of EEK 2 million by the net turnover of EEK 160 million.

Tuesday, 17th of August, 2004

Number of tourists staying the night grew
According to the board of statistics, 215,974 tourists stayed the night at Estonian accommodation establishments in June. Average occupancy of rooms was 53 percent. Compared to June last year, number of tourists grew by 50,236.
Among 215,974 tourists, 58,768 were Estonian residents and 157,206 were foreigners, most being Finns and Germans.

The Port of Tallinn earned nearly EEK 300 million of profit
Growth of trade flows and a mild winter enabled the Port of Tallinn to increase half-year’s turnover by tenth up to EEK 551 million.
Compared to last year, company’s net profit quadrupled, reaching up to EEK 299 million.
In the first half-year, 19.4 million tons of goods passed through the Port of Tallinn. This exceeded the result of 2003 by 1.6 tons.

Hansapank likely to grow profit
Leading analysts say that Estonia’s largest banking group Hansabank is likely to increase its net profit for the second quarter by at least 25 percent to EEK 570 million (about 35 million euros).

Selver grew total turnover
The unaudited total turnover of Selver supermarket group, 100 percent subsidiary of Tallinna Kaubamaja, for July this year was EEK 141.4 million (9.1 million euros). The total turnover of the comparable period last year was EEK 112.4 million (7.2 million euros).

Thursday, 18th of August, 2004

Hansa Life Insurance collected EEK 25.5 million of premiums in July
In seven months of this year, Hansa Life Insurance collected insurance premiums in the value of EEK 209.2 million, which is 54 percent more than in the same period last year.
In July, Hansa Life Insurance collected EEK 25.5 million of insurance premiums. The company issued EEK 5.1 million of benefits in July.

Friday, 19th of August, 2004

Cheap plane tickets bring more customers to Reval Hotels
Head of Sales and Marketing of Reval Hotels in the Baltics Helina Tuvike Helina Tuvike says the sales turnover for Reval Hotels is EEK 700 million a year.
Reval Hotel Latvija occupancy was 97% in July, the occupancy of Ridzene hotel has improved by 7-8% up to 70%. Tuvike claims the increase of occupancy is largely due to decrease in airplane tickets and opening of new airline routes.

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