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WEEK 33rd 2004

Tuesday, 10th of August, 2004

Sales of Estonian producers of construction materials increased
Sales of Estonian producers of construction materials and building supplies went up 25 percent in the first half, largely because of strong exports. Companies that belong to the industry’s association increased their exports by EEK 89 million to EEK 770 million in the first half.

Estonian advertising market
According to a study made by Initiative, Estonian advertising market is 13th by growth among 44 countries that the study covers. The Estonian advertising market increased 15.8 percent in 2003 and is expected to grow 7.4 percent this year.

Auser Auto to predict growth of sales
For this year, AS Auser Auto prognosticates a turnover of EEK 80 million and a profit of EEK 0.3 million. Company’s net sales of 2003 reached EEK 73.7 million and net profit amounted EEK 0.2 million.

Profit of Mistra-Autex doubled
In the first half-year AS Mistra-Autex earned EEK 8.3 million of net profit by the turnover of EEK 95.1 million. In respective period of 2003, the company’s profit reached EEK 4.4 million by the turnover of EEK 97.8 million.

Ilves-Ekstra grew sales
Net turnover of AS Ilves-Ekstra reached EEK 52.7 million and net profit reached EEK 1.1 million in the first half-year. In respective period last year, the company made EEK 0.9 million profit by the turnover of EEK 45.4 million.

Turnover of Levadia grew notably
Net turnover of metal sales company OÜ Levadia grew up to EEK 574.3 million and profit reached EEK 77.3 million in 2003. A year earlier, the company earned a profit of EEK 61.5 million by the turnover of EEK 426.9 million. For the year 2004, the company plans to achieve a profit of EEK 85 million and a turnover of EEK 700 million.

Thousands of people visited the islands
During three weekends, 43,325 people and 2531 vehicles were transported between the islands of West-Estonia and the mainland. According to the representative of Saameraa Shipping Company, 98 additional trips had to be organised between Kuivastu and Virtsu on three days. Last week, this year’s limit of million passengers was surpassed.
SL Õhtuleht

Wednesday, 11th of August, 2004

Estonia’s two large media groups report six-month results
Äripäeva Kirjastus and Ekspress Group, Estonia’s two large media groups, reported good growth in the first half. Äripäeva Kirjastus that publishes Äripäev and BBN reported that its first-half net profit was EEK 12.2 million, up by 5.1 percent year-on-year. Ekspress Grupp earned EEK 19.7 million of net profit that went up 23 percent compared to respective period last year.
Eesti Päevaleht

Store chains grew sales
Sales of Kesko food stores in Estonia exceeded EEK 2.4 billion in seven months. Sales of Säästumarket discounters in Estonia were EEK 1.44 billion in seven months, an increase of 9.7 percent in a year. In July, the chain had EEK 222 million in sales which is 6 percent more than a year ago.

Half-year turnover of Eesti Ehitus exceeded EEK 600 million
The consolidated net profit of Eesti Ehitus (Estonian Construction) in the first half-year of 2004 reached EEK 24.6 million by the turnover of EEK 644 million.
Better results were due to the growth of construction market and intra-company rearrangements.

Turnover of Wendre grew by EEK 30 million
In the first half-year, AS Wendre earned a net profit of EEK 33.2 million by the turnover of EEK 218.4 million. A year ago, the manufacturer of quilted products earned a profit of EEK 32.5 million by the turnover of EEK 185 million.

Turnover of Viljandi Metall up to EEK 100 million
The net turnover of AS Viljandi Metall reached EEK 100 million and net profit reached EEK 9.1 million in the first half-year of 2004. In respective period last year, the manufacturer of metal constructions earned a profit of EEK 9.99 million by the turnover of EEK 92.8 million.

Thursday, 12th of August, 2004

Six-month net sales up 21.2 percent in Baltika
Estonia’s largest garment maker Baltiak reported 21.2 percent increase in six-month sales and a profit of EEK 1.7 million. The company ended the first half 2003 with a loss of EEK 32.4 million.

Baltics’ No. 1 meat packer reports sharply improved H1 profit
Baltics’ largest meat processing company Rakvere Lihakombinaat reported strong growth in H1 sales and profit. Net sales of Rakvere Lihakombinaat Group in the first 6 months totalled EEK 600.8 million (38.9 million euros). Sales volume was 21,500 tons and was up 9.2 percent.

Silja Line's Tallinn traffic on the rise
Ferry group Silja Line transported a total of 269,376 passengers on its fast SuperSeaCat vessels in June-July between Tallinn and Helsinki. It is a year-on-year increase of 22,261 passengers. In June growth was at 13.3 percent and in July 6.9 percent. Silja Line was the market leader in fast vessels with its 34 percent market share.

Turnover of Sunorek grew by EEK 6 million
Net turnover of AS Sunorek grew up to EEK 43.8 million and profit up to EEK 3.1 million in the first half-year. In respective period last year, the manufacturer of window covers earned a profit of EEK 1 million by the turnover of EEK 37.3 million.

Friday, 13th of August, 2004

Estonia on the 11th place in the chart of economic freedom
Estonia has climbed to the honourable 11th place in the traditional trading of the Frasier Institute on economic freedom. Since Estonia was only 33rd in 2000, most analysts involved in the rating admit that if current trends continue Estonia could become one of the top ten countries in the world by economic freedom.

Viru Õlu brewery increases market share two times
Estonian small brewery Viru Õlu has managed to double its market share thanks to plastic beer bottles. Viru Õlu was also one of the first Estonian breweries to launch plastic beer bottles. Viru Õlu’s market share today is 16.8 percent, while Saku’s market share is 42 percent and A Le Coq has 34 percent of the market.

Estonian newspapers made profit
All Estonian leading newspapers – Äripäev, SL Õhtuleht, Eesti Ekspress, Postimees and now also Eesti Päevaleht - reported to have made a profit in the first half. The last to break into the black was Eesti Päevaleht daily which turned its large loss a year ago into a small profit of EEK 0.1 million in the first half.

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