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WEEK 20th 2004

Monday, 10th of May, 2004

RMK earned EEK 172 million for the state
Turnover of RMK, centre for the management of state forests, amounted EEK 950 million and profit reached EEK 95 million. Amount of investments was EEK 82 million and EEK 172 million was transferred to the state budget.

Net profit of Merko Construction doubled in the 1Q
1Q net profit of Merko Construction reached EEK 59.2 million, compared to EEK 28.2 million last year. Merko’s turnover was EEK 770 million compared to EEK 467.4 million last year.
Currently, Merko Construction’s biggest project is the building of Hansabanka headquarters in Riga, Latvia.

Turnover of A-Selver grew nearly 24 percent in four months
Gross turnover of A-Selver, subsidiary of Tallinna Kaubamaja, reached EEK 432.7 million, which is 23.8 percent more than a year ago.
In April, gross turnover amounted EEK 108.7 million, which is 17.1 percent more than a year ago.

Growth of export increased rapidly in March
Export made a record growth in March this year. Export of machines and appliances increased the most. As Elqotec Estonia is planning to double its turnover this year and is currently operating at full capacity it can be presumed that most of such export came from Elqotec.
Export of transportation increased by EEK 174 million mainly due to growth of production in Ahtme railway carriage factory.
Maris Lauri, analyst of Hansapank admits that the growth of export will continue in the same tempo as world economy is demonstrating development tendencies.

Turnover of JOT Estonia grew significantly
Net turnover of OÜ JOT Estonia grew up to EEK 423.2 million in 2003. A year earlier, turnover reached EEK 263.1 million. JOT Estonia, constructor and manufacturer of electronics production automatics, earned EEK 35.6 million of net profit in 2003 compared to EEK 11.2 million in 2002.

Tuesday, 11th of May, 2004

Liviko increased the sale of hard liquor by fifth
Liviko, leader of Estonian alcohol market sold 850, 935 litres of hard alcoholic beverages. Growth compared to last year is 19 percent.
Export of Liviko has increased from 15 percent in January to 26 percent in April.

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