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WEEK 1st 2004.

Monday, 29th of December, 2003

Card payments ward cash off from stores
Percentage of cash transactions decreases continuously in stores. Vendors are worried about high service fees of card payments.
This year, the card centre and Hansapank have won 1774 new sales locations that accept card payments. Ando Noormets from Hansapank admits that card payments become more and more dominant. Only a number of card payment terminals can slow down its development.
According to the analysis of the Bank of Estonia, together with the increase of card payment popularity, also the profit of banks from card payments increases. Central bank affirms that banks receive nearly EEK 245 million of profit from card transactions. It increases 15 percent a year.
(Aivar Reinap)

Wednesday, 31st of December, 2003

Economy grew in fast tempo as expected
According to Hansapank analyst Maris Lauri, indicator of the economic growth of the third quarter grew faster compared to indicators of other quarters.
According to statistics board, Estonia's GDP grew 4.3 percent in the third quarter.
Lauri admits that this was expected. Good results of the third quarter were mainly due to improved export indicators and growth of investments.

News in one sentence
This year, the Estonian Credit and Export Guarantee Fund KredEx has guaranteed export in the value of EEK 168 million. Compared to last year, turnover of guaranteed export has increased 50 percent.

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