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WEEK 18th 2004

Monday, 26th of April, 2004

Baltika earned profit
Estonia’s largest garment maker Baltika earned a profit of EEK 0.6 million in the first quarter and its consolidated unaudited net sales were EEK 130.6 million. In addition, last week it acquired 50.1 percent of Kompania Baltman Rus that markets Baltika garments in Russia.

Tallinna Kaubamaja Group reports improved Q1 sales, profit
Tallinna Kaubamaja Group has reported having ended the first quarter with net profit of EEK 7.2 million (0.5 million euros). The net result is an increase of EEK 8.4 million (0.5 million euros) over the comparable period when the net loss of the group was EEK 1.2 million (0.07 million euros).

MicroLink records quarterly net profit of 4 million euros
MicroLink, the leading IT group in the Baltics, ended the quarter running from January to March with a net profit of EUR 4 million. The company's consolidated revenues were EUR 10.1 million. The net profit is the highest in the history of the company, including also the income from the sale of the Delfi portals to Norwegian Findexa at the beginning of the year.

Tuesday, 27th of April, 2004

Krimelte grew quarterly profit by 64 percent
OÜ Krimelte, manufacturer of mounting foam and joint juncture hermetics grew quarterly turnover by 64 percent by the turnover of EEK 55 million. 1Q profit reached EEK 4.6 million.
In Estonia, company’s sales grew 62 percent.

Sale of Pärnu beer grew
In the 1Q of this year, AS Pärnu Õlu sold 11.5 percent more beer than during respective period last year, having sold 595,200 litres of beer, of which 260,000 litres were sold in Estonia and 335,200 litres at export markets.
Charlie Viikberg, chairman of Pärnu Brewery admitted that the strategic objective of the brewery is a 10 percent of market share, which time horizon is 3-5 years. The brewery is working in the direction of achieving the goal.

Thursday, 29th of April, 2004

Arco Vara earned EEK 89 million of profit
Last year, Arco Vara Group earned a net profit of EEK 89 million, which is nearly EEK 59 million more than a year earlier. Net turnover of the group reached EEK 283 million and the consolidated amount of assets surmounted EEK 800 million. For this year, the company prognosticated a net turnover of EEK 320 million and profit of EEK 150 million.

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