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WEEK 17th 2004

Monday, 19th of April, 2004

CA IB raised the target price of Hansapank
CA IB, investment bank of Austria, raised the target price of Hansapank to EUR 27 (EEK 422.46) on Thursday. On Friday, Hansapank stock ended on the level of EEK 413.07.

Wednesday, 21st of April, 2004

KredEx earned EEK 3 million of profit last year
According to the report of 2003, the Estonian Credit and Export Guarantee Fund KredEx earned EEK 3 million of net profit.
Volumes of guarantee were EEK 87 million bigger and revenues increased by 6 percent. The total amount of revenues reached approximately EEK 32 million.

1Q turnover of BLRT was EEK 453 million
The 1Q turnover of industrial concern BLRT Group reached EEK 453 million, which is nearly 38 percent more than in respective period last year. EEK 330 million or 75 percent of the total turnover came from Estonia.

Denmark to offer the achievements of Estonia as an example for the EU
Achievements of Estonia should be an example to the old and new members of the EU, is written in the research by Danish association of industry and employers.
The research says that as of 2002, the debate about the expansion of the EU has been based on clichés. Biggest of which is a notion that East and Central Europeans will move to West Europe. And also a cliché, according to which new member states have an inefficient agriculture.
In the fresh research, Estonia is presented as a country that has five different fields, from which both new and old member states would have much to learn. These fields are e-potential, high-tech research areas, tax policy, e-government, digitalising and developing pension system.
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Thursday, 22nd of April, 2004

Norma earned EEK 24 million in a quarter
According to unaudited data, net profit of Norma reached EEK 23.9 million, which is 7.9 percent bigger than last year. Net turnover of Norma amounted EEK 223.7 million, which is 7.7 percent more than last year.

Baltika received EEK 5 million of profit in March
Clothing manufacturer Baltika received a net profit of EEK 5.1 million by the turnover of EEK 46 million in March. Compared to March last year, net turnover grew 17.5 percent.

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