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WEEK 14th 2004

Monday, 29th of March, 2004

Hansapank’s stock broke the level of EEK 400 on Friday
Due to upcoming fund emission, Hansapank’s stock broke its record level – EEK 400.
According to Sten Sumberg from Suprema, behind the growth are foreign institutional investors, as small investors do not move the market in Estonia.

Tuesday, 30th of March, 2004

Amount of re-investments doubled
Last year, foreign companies invested EEK 6.3 billion to Estonian economy on the account of local profit. This amount is two times bigger than was invested in 2002.
According to Enterprise Estonia, foreign companies in Estonia are for the time being investing actively into the expansion of production, as these sums are tax-free. Companies are trying to strengthen their positions in Estonia before the EU accession. The statistics of Enterprise Estonia shows that after Estonia’s “yes” to the EU, interest of Finland towards Estonia increased noticeably.

Foreign investments for EEK 160 billion
Last year, foreign investment to Estonia grew by 25 percent up to EEK 160 billion. Half of investments (EEK 80.3 billion) were direct investments.
Foreign investors have invested to financial intermediation (30 percent) the most.

Total assets of Sampo Bank went up by EEK 1.4 billion
Last year, Sampo Bank’s total assets grew by EEK 1.4 billion, reaching up to EEK 7.2 billion.
During a year, total assets grew 24.4 percent.

Wednesday, 31st of March

GDP grew 4.7 percent
According to preliminary data, GDP that reached EEK 116.2 billion in 2003, was 4.7 percent bigger than in 2002.
Value added grew the most in mining industry – 9.9 percent.

Friday, 2nd of April, 2004

Number of passengers of Saaremaa shipping company increased
Saaremaa shipping company Saaremaa Laevakompanii that organises pram traffic between the islands of West-Estonia and the mainland served 83,000 passengers in March. This is 26,000 passengers more than in same period last year. The number of vehicles carried by prams grew from 10,295 in February to 31,343 in March.
According to Anu Lomp from Saaremaa shipping company, the growth was mainly due to significantly better weather conditions.

Value of Hansapank grew EEK 820 million in a day
Yesterday, Hansapank’s stock closed on a new record level – EEK 414.01. During a day, stock’s price grew 2.6 percent and bank’s market vale by EEK 820 million.
Turnover of the stock was biggest in past four weeks – EEK 58 million.

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