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WEEK 11th 2004

Tuesday, 16th of March, 2004

Sampo life Insurance collected EEK 6.8 million of premiums
In February, Sampo Life Insurance collected EEK 6.8 million of premiums. Compared to same period last year, premiums grew 2.5 times. The company paid EEK 470,000 of benefits during the period.
In two months of this year, the company collected EEK 23 million of premiums and paid EEK 684,000 of benefits. During respective period last year, Sampo collected EEK 4.9 million of premiums.

Wednesday, 17th of March, 2004

Fertimix grew turnover by EEK 10 million
AS Fertimix, manufacturer of fertilizers and nitrogenous compounds, grew the net turnover of 2003 up to EEK 85.1 million. The turnover reached EEK 76.2 million a year earlier. Net profit of 2003 was EK 5.9 million. The sum was EEK 10 million in 2002. For 2004, Fertimix prognosticates turnover to amount EEK 93.5 million and profit EEK 11.1 million.

Balti Ehitusmasin-Baltem grew profit
In 2003, AS Balti Ehitusmasin-Baltem, wholesaler of earthwork and construction equipment, received a net profit of EEK 4.8 million and a turnover of EEK 125.1 million. A year earlier, the company received a profit of EEK 3.4 million and turnover of EEK 115.8 million.

Thursday, 18th of March, 2004

Sale of Vipex increased
As Vipex’s net turnover of 2003 grew up to EEK 148 million. A year earlier, net turnover of the company reached EEK 116.4 million. Last year’s net profit formed EEK 3.4 million. For the year 2004, the company prognosticated turnover to be EEK 130 million and profit to reach EEK 4.4 million.
AS Vipex is a wholesaler of construction materials.

Friday, 19th of March, 2004

Government approved billion-kroon financial injections
At its yesterday’s meeting, government approved the list of environmental and transport projects that will be financed with the help of the EU during next three years. Projects will require more than EEK 5 billion during coming years.
The money for major projects comes from the solidarity fund of EU that is created to assist poorer member states of the union.
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