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WEEK 52nd 2003

Monday, 22nd of December, 2003

400,000 passengers have flown with Estonian Air
For the first time in the history of Estonian Air, the number of passengers surpassed the limit of 400,000. Last year's total number of passengers – 320,356 fulfilled already on October 16. Since the foundation of Estonian Air on 1 December 1991, over 2.5 million of passengers have flown on flights of Estonian Air. The company expects the number of passengers to increase also next year.

Tuesday, 23rd of December, 2003

Christmas sale of computers grew significantly
The pre-Christmas sale of Estonian's biggest computer manufacturers ML Arvutid and Ordi has ran expectedly according to managers of companies. Compared to respective period last year, indicators of production and sales have increased.
Mart Sepp from ML Arvutid admitted that in the general number of computers, a strong growth is expected compared to last year. Production operates in full power, said Sepp.
Sulev Sisask, head and owner of Ordi affirmed that the campaign sale is bigger than last year and corresponds to expectations.

Recommendation to buy: Hansapank, Telecom and Viisnurk
Market experts in Estonia and abroad expect biggest growth to the stock of Estonian Telecom in the expectation of Hansapank's and TeliaSonera's buying recommendation.
Currently, Suprema recommends buying stocks of Hansapank, Baltika and Viisnurk. Two latter stocks have high risk level. Calmer investor might reconcile with Hansapank stock, if he or she is satisfied with a growth potential of 10 percent, noted Peeter Koppel, stockbroker of Ühispank. He admits that the stock of Hansapank might reach EEK 350 by the end of next year.
Äripäev expects Hansapank stock to increase by 20-25 percent in a year. Hansabank Markets predicts the stock to grow by 10 – 15 percent. Ühispank predicts the stock to increase by 10 percent.

Strong year-end for Hansapank stock
Yesterday, trading at the stock exchange showed that holidays and end of the year is not far away. Deals were made with only six stocks from 14. The stock of Hansapank demonstrates its traditional strong year-end. Yesterday, the stock of Hansapank grew 2.15 percent up to EEK 334.06 by the turnover of EEK 27.3 million.
Greatest riser yesterday was Kalev stock, which price increased by 15 percent up to EEK 42.25 due to wide interval of buying and selling price.

Turnover of Tallinn's Milk Industry to grow
Turnover of Tallinn's Milk Industry's domestic market will grow 10 percent from EEK 43 million to EEK 48 million in December compared to respective period last year.
(Eesti Päevaleht)

Wednesday, 24th of December, 2003

Manufacturing industry continuously growing
Manufacturing industry continued to grow also in November. Strong growth was both in sales and output. In fixed prices, the sales of manufacturing industry went up 10.1 percent compared to November last year. Output went up 10.6 percent.

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