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WEEK 51st 2003

Tuesday, 16th of December, 2003

Estonian banks received EEK 113 million of profit in November
According to the data of the central bank, Estonian commercial banks earned EEK 113 million of profit in November. Compared to October, profit increased by EEK 6 million. In 11 months of current year, Estonian commercial banks have earned EEK 1.252 billion of profit.

Wednesday, 17th of December, 2003

Private borrowing in Estonia up 47.3 percent in a year
Estonian central bank announced that in November, commercial banks lent EEK 535 million to private persons. Total outstanding loans issued to private borrowers were at EEK 18.48 billion at the end of November. In a year, the outstanding volume of private loans has gone up by 47.3 percent.

Alcohol manufacturers to strive for foreign markets
In 11 months this year, Estonian alcohol manufacturers have increased export by 40 percent. Market share of spirits manufacturers Liviko and Finnish owned Ofelia have increased. Alcohol manufacturers stake on foreign markets since domestic market is saturated. Liviko's most popular export article is Estonian traditional liqueur Vana Tallinn.

Private investors to draw back
During past years, foreign investors have demonstrated interest towards the leader stocks of Tallinn stock exchange. Number of Estonian private investors is decreasing in the companies with large amount of shareholders.
Saku Brewery has the biggest number of shareholders. At the same time, the number of brewery's shareholders has decreased in moderate tempo. Saku Brewery received a large number of shareholders due to the sale of stocks for privatization bonds. Most small shareholders received 46 stocks during the sale.
The brewery has paid dividends stably for small shareholders. Also price of the stock has increased to the highest level of all times.

Thursday, 18th of December, 2003

More and more alcohol is being manufactured in Estonia
It appeared from the overview of Estonian market research institute about the local market of alcohol that compared to last year, manufacturing of most alcoholic drinks increased.
Cider manufacturing increased the most. Beer manufacturing was on a same level as last year – 83 million litres.
Continually, Saku Brewery is the biggest of beer manufacturers. Its amount formed 46 percent of total beer manufacturing in Estonia. Tartu brewery's share was 30 percent.
Tartu brewery manufactured most light mixed alcoholic drinks – 79 percent of the whole production. Saku Brewery followed Tartu brewery.
Biggest cider manufacturer was Saku Brewery. Last year, the biggest cider manufacturer was Tartu brewery.

Friday, 19th of December, 2003

News in one sentence
According to state treasury, EEK 39.577 billion or 100.07 percent of planned amount has returned to the state budget, announced the ministry of finance.
(Eesti Päevaleht)

News in one sentence
Rating agency Standard & Poor's raised Estonia's outlook of rating from stable to positive and affirmed the ratings on current level A-/A-2.
(Eesti Päevaleht)

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