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WEEK 50th 2003

Monday, 8th of December, 2003

Estonian Ühispank raised Hansapank stock's recommendation and target price
In its latest analysis of Hansapank stock, Estonian Ühispank has raised both the recommendation and the target price of the stock.
According to earlier analysis, the target price for the end of 2003 was EEK 300. In the new analysis, the target price for the end of 2004 is EEK 345 (EUR 22). Ühispank recommends accumulating the stock instead of decreasing.

Hansapank has issued 2 million bankcards
By the beginning of December, issued amount of Hansabank Group's debit and credit cards passed over the limit of two million, announced the bank.
In Estonia, the group has issued 829,000 cards, in Lithuania 782,000 and in Latvia, 404,000 cards.
Hansapank was the first bank in the Baltic States and in Nordic countries to issue chip cards. By today, over 80,000 clients have received chip cards. Hansapank started to issue chip cards in December last year.

Tuesday, 9th of December, 2003

Stora Enso invests EEK 780 million to Baltic region
Seppo Vainio, Baltic vice president of Stora Enso, said yesterday in Tallinn that the international forestry group was going to invest EEK 780 million (EUR 50 million) in the Baltic states this year. Money will be invested into increasing output.
Stora Enso is third biggest woodworking company in the world.

Estonia ranked 25th worldwide by ICT index
According to a new global information report 2003-2004 published by the World Economic Forum today, Estonia ranks 25th among 102 countries in Networked Readiness Index.
Although Estonia's rank is by one place lower than a year ago, Estonia is still the leader of eastern European countries.
According to the report, Estonia's performance is enhanced by an excellent political and regulatory framework for ICT. The United States tops the rankings this year of the Networked Readiness Index 2003, followed by Singapore, Finland, Sweden and Denmark.
The Networked Readiness Index examines the readiness of economies according to general macroeconomic and regulatory environment for ICT, the readiness of the three key stakeholders - individuals, businesses and governments -to use and benefit from ICT, and their current usage of ICT.
The report is produced by the World Economic Forum in cooperation with INSEAD and the World Bank's infoDev since 2001.

Wednesday, 10th of December, 2003

Saku brewery stock rises to record level
Saku brewery stock went up 2.46 % to EEK 91.38, highest level ever. Four deals were made with the shares and 250 shares switched owners.
(Äripäev, 2003)

Thursday, 11th of December, 2003

Hansabank Group has 500,000 II pillar clients
By the beginning of this week, half a million people had selected Hansabank Group to administer their assets of the II pillar savings pension, announced Hansapank.
Number of Hansapank's II pillar savings pension clients in Lithuania is 190,000, in Estonia 177,000 and in Latvia 133,000.
In total, nearly half have trusted Hansapank to administer their pension savings. The share of the group in Latvia is 51 percent, in Estonia 50 percent and in Lithuania 43 percent. All in all, the share in Baltic countries is 47.5 percent.

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